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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitro Tour Grand Prix challenges

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitro Tour Grand Prix challenges

Between July 3-28, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled players can download the Grand Prix pass free of charge, offering new circuits and characters. Here we detail the challenges you'll face!

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitro Tour Grand Prix challenges

The Nitro Tour Grand Prix dropped the other day, and sees you discover new themed challenges — rewarding you with Nitro Points to spend on new vehicles and skins. The event is timed, and runs July 3-28.

NOTE: After July 28, you will no longer be able to access the challenges and associated rewards.

Warm up those tires — it's time to get racing!


Quick Challenges

  • Coming in First – Win a race in any mode (100 Nitro Points)
  • Fashion Show – Customize a kart and drive it (100 Points)
  • N. Tropy’s Apprentice – Complete a Time Trial race (100 Points)
  • Online Racer – Complete a race in Online Matchmaking (100 Points)
  • Window Shopping – Visit the Pit Stop to discover the daily offer (100 Points)

Daily Challenges

  • Crystal Poacher – Collect a total of 10 crystals in Crystal Grab with either Polar, Pura or Ripper Roo (100 Points)
  • Expert Stuntman – Perform 10 trick jumps with Polar (75 Points)
  • Multi Hits – Hit an opponent with a Power Up in an Online Matchmaking race (75 Points)
  • No Boost Needed – Finish 1st without using any Turbo Pads in Crash Cove (100 Points)
  • On to the Next One – Complete Wumpa Cup (150 Points)
  • Power Up Master – Hit an opponent 3 times with a Missile using Dr. Neo Cortex (75 Points)
  • Sliding Your Way Through – Perform a Power Slide (100 Points)
  • Top Scorer – Score 5 points in Limit Battle with Polar (75 Points)
  • Wumpa Collector – Collect 20 Wumpa Fruit in a Single Race in Crash Cove (100 Points)
  • Flag Collector – Score a total of 5 flags in Capture The Flag in The North Bowl (75 Points)

Weekly Challenges

  • N. Sane Hat Trick – Win a game in 3 different Battle Modes on Desert Storm (250 Points)
  • 25 in the Bag – Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag (250 Points)
  • Crate Breaker – Break up a total of 50 crates (250 Points)
  • Crystal Gatherer – Collect a total of 100 crystals in any game mode (250 Points)
  • Fan of the Flags – Play 5 games of Capture the Flag in Nitro Court – (200 Points) 
  • Friendly Meeting – Race online against one of your friends (300 Points) 
  • Kamikaze – Hit another player by letting yourself explode with a TNT crate (250 Points) 
  • Online Champion – Win 10 races in Online Matchmaking driving either Team Trance, Team Oxide or Doom Buddy (250 Points)
  • Perfect Start – Start 10 races with a Starting Boost (300 Points)
  • Solo Champion – Win 10 races in Singe Race driving either Team Bandicoot, Team Cortex of Imperium (250 Points)
  • To the Limit – Play 3 games of Limit Battle in The North Bowl (250 Points)
  • Uka-Uka’s minion – Hit a total of 25 characters in Aku-Aku’s team (200 Points)

Themed Challenges

  • Zero to First – Finish 1st in Twilight Tour while starting the last lap in last place (750 Points)
  • Better than Yourself – Establish a best time in Time Trial in Twilight Tour then beat it (500 Points)
  • Check out my New Ride – Play in Online Matchmaking using the Bandibuggy Kart (400 Points)
  • Friend or Foe? – Win a race against one of your friends in Online Matchmaking in Twilight Tour (600 Points)
  • N. Sane Podium – Finish on the podium in a Single Race with each of the Grand Prix characters (750 Points)
  • New Champion – Win a race in Online Matchmaking with all of the new Grand Prix Characters (500 Points)
  • New Rides – Finish a race in Online Matchmaking with each of the Grand Prix karts: Le Chaux, Bandibuggi and Rocket (500 Points)
  • Online Hat Trick – Win 3 online races in Twilight Tour (500 Points)
  • Power Sliding to the Limit – Power slide for a total of 180 seconds with Tawna (400 Points)
  • Grand Prix Dominator – Finish 1st in an online race with Tawna in Twilight Tour (600 Points)

Pro Challenges

  • Back Into the Race – Win a race in Online Matchmaking while being in 8th position at the start of the last lap (500 Points)
  • Beat the Best – Beat the Platinum Relic time in Crash Cove (500 Points)
  • Crate Shatterer – Break all Time Crates in Coco Park Relic Race (500 Points)
  • Keep Nagging – Hit every opponent with a Power Up while racing in Online Matchmaking (500 Points)
  • Mashed Potatoes – Squash 3 opponents in Crash Cove (500 Points)
  • Offroad is Lava – Win a race twice in a row in Hot Air Skyway without going off-road (500 Points)
  • Reverse Speeding – Win a race while driving in reverse during the whole last lap (750 Points)
  • Sharpshooter – Hit 15 opponents in a row using a Missile without missing once (400 Points)
  • Start your Engine – Perform 25 perfect boosts at the start of a race (250 Points)
  • Twice the Fun – Hit 2 opponents with a single Bowling Bomb (500 Points)
  • Untouchable – Win 5 Limit Battles in Nitro Court without being hit (350 Points)
  • Versatile Racer – Finish in each position in Crash Cove while racing online (500 Points)
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