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LoL — Focus on the Meta: Most undervalued toplaners of the current meta.

LoL — Focus on the Meta: Most undervalued toplaners of the current meta.

Patch 9.16 brings loads of tweaks and new features that directly impact the laning phase. Looking at the toplane side, numerous champions have been buffed, and some of them will soon dominate their role...

LoL — Focus on the Meta: Most undervalued toplaners of the current meta.

League of Legends Patch 9.16 brought the long-awaited rework of Pantheon, but also implemented several buffs on champions that are usually played on the toplane. Are you ready to confuse your opponent by picking a champion he was not expecting? Well, tighten your seatbelt and get ready to change your habits, because a lot of toplaners are currently undervalued.

Dr. Mundo

The Madman of Zaun

For the third time this year, the mad doctor received a buff. Most of the time, it's really hard to deal with Dr. Mundo — except if you manage to kite him. However, his W now grants him a 30% tenacity buff at the rank 1, which means he will be able to run onto you without even caring about your CC. Both simple to play and easy to learn, Dr. Mundo is definitely a good pick if you plan on autofilling or if you're lacking experience as a toplaner.


The Grand Duelist

Sustain, damages, move speed, abilities set — Riot constantly buffed Fiora over last years. With nervous and risk-rewarding gameplay, Fiora is a great splitpusher who starts the game slowly but gradually becomes unstoppable. Fiora isn't really made for teamfights, but rather excels at keeping her lane constantly pushed. If your team manage to hold your opponents, then you just have to push until you get to the Nexus.


Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy didn't receive any buff with Patch 9.16 but she's still an incredible pick to counter splitpushers such as Fiora, Riven or Jax. Incredibly strong when facing champions that can dash, Poppy is pretty good at laning but she really shines during teamfights. Thanks to her ultimate, you will be able to give numerical advantage to your team while the rest of her kit will help you catch the opponents that will try to flee.


The Eye of Twilight

Hidden in the shadows, like all ninja is supposed to be, Shen actually received three buffed since the start of the Season. Thanks to his tank abilities kit and his ultimate, Shen is probably one of the greatest splitpusher of the game. He can be a really good duelist while protecting his teammates, and his taunt-dash allows him fantastic engages.

What do you think of these champions? Do you think they're worth playing? Toplaners, we're awaiting your feedback in the comment section!

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