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Destiny 2 shows new expansion Shadowkeep and New Light becomes free-to-play

Destiny 2 shows new expansion Shadowkeep and New Light becomes free-to-play

Finally released from Activision, Bungie is preparing its new major expansion 'Shadowkeep'. The studios are unveiling the upcoming changes for October 1st.

Destiny 2 shows new expansion Shadowkeep and New Light becomes free-to-play

Initially announced for September 17, Shadowkeep, the next major expansion of Destiny 2 will finally be released on October 1 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After Forsaken, which has seduced most players, and a mixed annual pass, Bungie is making a change in its business model and announces major changes.

Destiny 2 : New Light (Free-To-Play)

The Seattle studio will offer its basic game in Free-To-Play version with all the content from the first year (including DLC 1 Curse of Osiris and DLC 2 Warmind). New players will be able to discover the basic campaign, the first 3 raids of Destiny 2, exotic quests and its PvP content.

Last week, the studios specified the content accessible free of charge in addition to the basic game:

  • All patrolled areas including the Reef and Moon
  • Shadowkeep's introductory mission
  • The new assaults
  • The new PvP cards and test update
  • Access to customization of new armor 2.0
  • The artifact and the seasonal pass

Destiny 2 : Shadowkeep

Following the separation of Activition, Bungie had to reassure his community and this was done at the beginning of June with the announcement of Shadowkeep with the return of a historic planet on Destiny 1: the Moon and its iconic character Eris Morn.

As the studios' announces go by, we learn that a complete redesign of the game is underway:

  • A new 2.0 armor system and MMO-like customization with a new mod system.
  • A change in the difficulty levels of end-game activities and redefined power levels.
  • A new seasonal artifact to push back the maximum power level to open up new opportunities to approach activities.
  • The addition of 'finishing move' to shoot down your enemies with style and fun.
  • A new season pass system strongly inspired by other games offering free content for all and additional content for those with the current season's pass.

Shadowkeep will be released on October 1st on all platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players will then be able to explore the Moon and discover all the new features of this major expansion. The objective for the most tryhards of the license is to prepare for the new 6-day 'Garden of Salvation' raid that will take us to where the story of Destiny 1 ended: in the Black Garden.

From Saturday, October 5, the 7th race at the World First will take place. The rewards will surely be the same as the previous raids:

  • An exclusive raid belt for all players who have participated in the World First.
  • An exclusive emblem for all players who will complete the raid within the first 24 hours.
  • A code for all players who will finish the raid before the weekly reset on Tuesday, October 8 to order the Raid jacket.
The return on the Moon - Millenium
The return on the Moon
New area / activities on the Moon - Millenium
New area / activities on the Moon
The new armor system 2.0 - Millenium
The new armor system 2.0
Finishing move - Millenium
Finishing move
New area that might be in the raid - Millenium
New area that might be in the raid

Destiny 2 - Forsaken

Initially released on September 4, 2018, Forsaken will be offered from September 17 at a price of $24.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, including the annual pass (only from October 1 on Steam for PC players). The annual pass will be available for all Forsaken holders as of September 17. This is a good opportunity for players who don't know Forsaken to discover what is considered by the community to be one of the best license content ever offered by Bungie and his famous raid: Last Wish.

Destiny 2: Cross Save, PC transfer to Steam and prices

The game has been converted to Cross Save since August 21, allowing players to choose a main account and continue the adventure freely on the platform of their choice without having to start all over again. It will just be necessary to make sure to buy the extensions on each platform to be able to access the content. All information on the procedure directly from the following link:

The PC version of Destiny 2 will be moved to Steam on October 1st. Players must therefore prepare their account transfer (including Forsaken extensions) in order to be ready for Shadowkeep. Everything happens from the following link:

Shadowkeep is already available for pre-order on PS4, Xbox One and Steam for the PC version.

The Standard Edition costs $34.99 and features:

  • New destination, the Moon
  • New Stories and Quests Missions
  • New Dungeon
  • New exotic equipment
  • The new raid "Garden of Salvation"
  • The Seasonal Pass of the Season of Undying (Season 8)

The Deluxe Digital Edition costs $59.99 and features:

  • The seasonal pass for the next 4 seasons (8 to 11)
  • Exclusive objects on the theme of Eris Morn (an exotic interaction, an exotic ghost shell and an emblem)
  • The exotic rocket "Two-Tailed Fox" and its exclusive ornament

The Collector's Edition costs $149.99 (out of stock)

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Written by Andrew "Dreww" Kammer. Translated from French by


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