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LoL, Sett release date: Does Sett's Calling Card reveal when the next champion drops?

LoL, Sett release date: Does Sett's Calling Card reveal when the next champion drops?

A few weeks ago, a mysterious loot asset looking like a card was datamined out of the League of Legends client by Surrender at 20. While its use appeared to be unknown until now, some players discovered that it was apparently linked to the upcoming release of Sett, the Boss.

LoL, Sett release date: Does Sett's Calling Card reveal when the next champion drops?

Sett, the Ionian Boss, will soon join League of Legends, becoming in the process the 148th champion to enter the Summoner's Rift. If we already know his background story as well as his abilities, his release date is still a mystery.

Some might advance that he will be implemented to the game alongside patch 10.1, but Riot Games themselves confirmed that they didn't know when the first patch of the Season 10 will be shipped to the live servers. Moreover, after seeing how strong Sett is, we could think that developers would like to test it a bit longer on the PBE.

Youtuber Vandril, who's well-known for always testing the limits of each champion, already proved that Sett might indeed be a just little bit overpowered...

Nah. It's completely balanced.

While we discuss if this champion will initially be more broken than Senna or Aphelios, it appears that some players discovered in their loot inventory a weird item called the "Sett's Calling Card".

Apparently, you need to get 10 First Blood in any mode except Clash and Poro King to receive it.

The Sett's Calling Card - League of Legends
The Sett's Calling Card

When you hover over it, you can read:

"Gained by impressing Sett. Openable on January 14."

Would it be a clue about the release date of the Ionian Boss? Moreover, what does it contain?

It would be super weird from Riot to receive a Sett's shard or even the champion itself through this Card, even though the name of the loot strongly suggests it — but we can dream, isn't it?

Sett is available in the shop!

While Aphelios has just arrived in the rift, the next League of Legends champion has already been announced. Discover Sett the boss!

Thomas Sauzin
Thomas "Calo" Sauzin

Head of Portal League of Legends 🇫🇷 — Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo

Sky 4 years ago

You can also get the card by winning a 3 vs.5; I got it that way through an aram

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