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LoL: Is Aidyn the next League of Legends champion?

LoL: Is Aidyn the next League of Legends champion?

After a first video containing mysterious aftershocks, a new leak came to sow doubt on Reddit. According to one of the users, the next champion to join League of Legends is called Aidyn and comes from Freljord.

LoL: Is Aidyn the next League of Legends champion?

All information presented here is to be taken with reservation. These potential leaks have not been commented on by Riot Games.

On Reddit, a user claims to have in his possession the first information about the next champion League of Legends. According to him, he would be called Aidyn and would be from the icy Freljord region. The user in question revealed two clues. First, a video with the replicas of the champion and, secondly, a working sketch showing a rather rough first glimpse of the champion's weapons and helmet.

League of Legends
League of Legends

The concept of weapons fits well with the image of Freljord. Bone or wooden sleeves surrounded by leather and an imposing helmet, with horns and what seems to be a bestial representation in its center. Recurring themes in the unforgiving universe of this frozen region ravaged by war and endless conflicts since the “Three Sisters War”.


It is ultimately the video that gives us the most clues. Here is the translation of the different quotes:

Aidyn, if he is aptly named, refers to the Three Sisters War.

This ancient war, taking place in Freljord, opposed three sisters, Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra. Approached by the Ice Watchers, mystical beings of great power who promised them magic and immortality, they had, in exchange, to offer their service and their loyalty. Lissandra immediately became very intimately connected with the watchers, becoming their Seeker and their voice.

The people then became a weapon and were called the Iceborns. After years of bondage, Avarosa wanted to regain his freedom and a war ensued, pitting the Iceborns against the Ice Watchers. The final battle took place over the precipices of the howling abyss, the place inhabiting the fortress of the Watchers. Avarosa triumphed, putting an end to the yoke of the Watchers. She left a guardian, Greyor, to keep the place forever and alert of a potential return of the Watchers. Subsequently, Lissandra, feeling betrayed by her sister, ends up killing her and burying her bow of frost at the foot of a stele — bow which was found years later by Ashe.

Aidyn could belong to that distant era and have taken part in this merciless war. You would think he is actually a former Iceborn priest. The wording "not me, but we were there ..." tends to confirm that he lived all his events and that he is part of a group, the culture of Frejlord emphasizing the fact that people are part of a people before being an individual. Freljord has evolved enormously since these disastrous events and the Iceborn have fallen into oblivion. However, there is no clear indication that they have completely disappeared.

But why do you think he could be a priest in particular? In the comic strip dedicated to Ashe, we can see the Frost Priests who carry weapons similar to that shown on the sketch. In addition, one of the quotes places the action "From Ghulfrost to the Citadel of Frost" a little more. Ghulfrost being the place where Ashe recovers its arc of frost and the citadel of frost being the current location of Lissandra, we could see in this route a kind of pilgrimage from the tomb of Avarosa to the citadel of Lissandra.

A frost priest in the comic strip dedicated to Ashe - League of Legends
A frost priest in the comic strip dedicated to Ashe

What if Aidyn was on the other side? After the fall of the Watchers, Lissandra allied with the Guardians of the Frost, a faction from which Aidyn could come. They live in the heart of the ruins of the ancient Freljord and archive the entire archaic history of the region. Lissandra is still and always faithful to the Watchers and hopes to bring them back from the icy depths one day. The quotes in the video may suggest that the old conflict that divided Freljord may soon resurface, that the Watchers may return, and that Lissandra will then start another conflict to retake the throne.

A Champion from Freljord

Another hypothesis, plausible in itself, is that this would be the rework of Volibear, planned after that of Fiddlesticks. So yes, the roar of thunder wears a helmet on his current splasharts but the champion has never used a weapon. The first glimpse of his rework goes in this direction. A rabid and bloodthirsty bear for whom such weapons seem totally useless. In addition, the quotes in the video do not refer at all to the lore of the champion.

League of Legends

The studio's guideline is very clear to Volibear: “We dropped the idea of making it impossible to stop and went in a completely different direction. Volibear will further embody a storm deity, causing lightning to strike its enemies and the structures behind them. "A wild and indomitable champion, a concept that does not seem to stick with weapons presented on the sketch or with quotes present in the video.

Now let's take a look at the latest action plan from the champions of Riot Games. The two reworks announced, check, the colossus announced, it's Sett, the lunar champion, Aphelios, therefore remains "a new jungler as well as a melee carry for the fairly original top route" . If we start from the assumption that Par'Xzi (another potential leak) is indeed the fanciful jungler promised by the studio, then Aidyn could be this famous top laner, melee carry.

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