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Valorant: Cypher's hat soon patched?

Valorant: Cypher's hat soon patched?

For some time now, the Valorant community has had an unusual demand from the game's developers. What is it? That Cypher's hat no longer disappears after his ultimate ability is used.

Valorant: Cypher's hat soon patched?

It's a pretty funny situation that a player pointed out in a Reddit post. A simple hat has managed to elicit multiple reactions, but not just any hat since it is the one Agent Cypher wears in Valorant.

What's the reason for this sudden craze for a hat that is purely visual in nature? The disappearance of the latter after the use of Cypher's Ultimate Neural Theft ability, which allows the position of the oponnent to be revealed with the help of an enemy corpse.

Image courtesy: Dot Esports - Valorant
Image courtesy: Dot Esports

The author of the post, MaybeAFish, jokes that he "feels naked without his hat" . He asked the publisher to resolve this problem, vital according to him, during a future update. Likewise, other players complained about the difficulty of recognizing him without a hat or his head like a "bowling ball" that it gives him.

No one knows if Riot Games will respond to these purely aesthetic complaints, but it's sure that this has agitated the Valorant community, each going with their little comment.

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