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LCS 2020 Summer Week 5 Power Rankings: Week 5 was filled with upsets

LCS 2020 Summer Week 5 Power Rankings: Week 5 was filled with upsets

Well, that just happened. Week 5 did not go as planned for Cloud9 and TSM, with both suffering unexpected defeats to Immortals and FlyQuest respectively.

LCS 2020 Summer Week 5 Power Rankings: Week 5 was filled with upsets

As Carlos would say, last week of the League of Legends Championship Series was kind of a clown fiesta.

Although we were expecting them to be challenged by Team Liquid or Team SoloMid, Cloud9 lost their first game of the season against 100 Thieves — and that's not even the biggest upset of the week.

Dignitas pocketed their first two wins of the split against FlyQuest and Immortals.

Evil Geniuses were crushed by Golden Guardians and Counter Logic Gaming.

Immortals stomped over TSM.

All in all, everything went against our predictions, as the low and mid-table teams defied the odds...

Cloud 9 are still polarizing the LCS standings as they remain the team with the best record but, instead of being completely dominant just like the previous split, their spot is now contested by at least one team: Liquid.

1 — Cloud9

Previous ranking: 1st (=)

Week 5 record: 1-1

Last week, Cloud9 lost their first game since the beginning of the summer split, proving they weren't unbeatable. Moreover, a loss against 100 Thieves is so surprising given the current state of the team, that we can only consider it was a fluke.

One loss isn't enough for us to drop Cloud9 in our rankings. Until their domination is really challenged, they'll remain at the top.

2 — Team Liquid

Previous ranking: 3rd (+1)

Week 5 record: 2-0

This week, Team Liquid did more than holding tight: they were impeccable.

Although CLG and Golden Guardians weren't two big threats, a lot was a stake last week. Any mistake would have make Liquid drop in the standings, losing in the process their chance to actually challenge Cloud9, while giving to TSM an opportunity to rise again.

Given their record, there's no doubt that Liquid are now the main rival for Cloud9 this split. It remains to be seen which of them will prevail...

3 — Team SoloMid

Previous ranking: 2nd (-1)

Week 5 record: 0-2

Team SoloMid disappointed their fans once again. If a loss to Cloud9 is still understandable given their status and their reputation, losing to Immortals is telling — especially it wasn't even that much contested. TSM woke up in the late game, securing an Elder but let's face it, they felt already out of the match.

The only thing that allows TSM to remain in the chasing pack is their current record — but their terrible inconsistency prevents us from giving them more credit.

4 — Counter Logic Gaming

Previous ranking: 6th (+2)

Week 5 record: 1-1

Counter Logic Gaming are kind of a mystery this split. Although their results and their performance seem much better than during the previous split, they're still struggling to perform against top tier teams, as testified by their loss to Team Liquid.

However, they were capable of taking down Evil Geniuses — which is also telling about the actual skill of the team. Just like 100 Thieves and Cloud9, we're wondering if all of this wasn't just a fluke — and Week 6 will certainly give us an answer.

Until then, we're giving CLG the benefit of the doubt.

5 — 100 Thieves

Previous ranking: 7th (+2)

Week 5 record: 2-0

Yes, that happened.

100 Thieves not only managed to win their two games of the week for the first time this split, but they also defeated Cloud9 and FlyQuest. Is it the dankest timeline?

It's hard to believe that these two victories — or at least the first one — weren't a fluke. However, we'll also give 100 Thieves the benefit of the doubt. After all, a win is a win, and the Thieves certainly deserve to enjoy them.

That being said, they'll have to consistently repeat this miracle if they want to stay at this spot.

6 — FlyQuest

Previous ranking: 4th (-2)

Week 5 record: 0-2

Week 5 was terrible for FlyQuest as they pretty much lost their opportunity to join the chasing pack.

Defeated by Dignitas and 100 Thieves, the team didn't really showcase anything exceptional. Overall, their performance was quite poor and disappointing — especially since we were expecting them to stomp over these two matches without dropping a bead of sweat.

That' didn't happen — hence their current placement in our rankings.

6 — Evil Geniuses

Previous ranking: 5th (-1)

Week 5 record: 0-2

Evil Geniuses keep falling in the LCS standings, and we're getting more and more frustrated.

EG hit rock bottom last week: they lost against CLG, a team that's currently challenging them for fourth place, and — just like if it wasn't enough — they got crushed by a low table team, Golden Guardians.

This week, "Goldenglue" and "Huni" are stepping in, meaning that EG will have a new roster to face the two biggest challenges of this split: Liquid and C9.

Their future in this split depends on their success...

8 — Golden Guardians

Previous ranking: 7th (-1)

Week 5 record: 1-1

Golden Guardians apparently benefited from the weakness of Evil Geniuses to add one more victory to their pile, but the team is still outperforming, as testified by their loss against Team Liquid.

Given the success of 100 Thieves this week, the future of the Guardians is suddenly becoming darker — as this is precisely the team they'll have to beat if they want to secure the last spot in Playoffs...

9 — Dignitas

Previous ranking: 10th (+1)

Week 5 record: 2-0

Dignitas won their two first games of the split but, although it's surely reassuring for the team, it's not enough at all for them to be anything else except a low table team.

Playoffs are getting closer and closer, and we're not really sure Dignitas will manage to secure a spot. Week 4 was a miracle, will Week 5 be the same?

10 — Immortals

Previous ranking: 9th (-1)

Week 5 record: 1-1

Immortals got beaten by Dignitas, but they obliterated TSM — and it's absolutely telling about their current state.

The only reason they're not at the 9th place alongside Dignitas is that the latter beat them — but let's face it: both teams have currently the same performance, the same record, and probably the same future.

Do you agree with our power rankings? Have we misplaced a team? Feel free to drop a comment in the section below!

TSM claim first LCS title since 2017

The LCS Summer Split Final went the full five-game distance as TSM defeated FlyQuest to claim their first title in three years, and seventh overall.

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