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Xbox Series X: Microsoft confirms compatibility of Xbox One controllers

Xbox Series X: Microsoft confirms compatibility of Xbox One controllers

Instead of Sony who recently announced that PS5 games will not be compatible with the DualShock 4. So the official controllers, Xbox Adaptive, Elite and the SCUF custom controllers will work on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X: Microsoft confirms compatibility of Xbox One controllers

This is news that should delight the ardent defenders of the Xbox One controller. The British Xbox Twitter account returned to the fact that the official models, Adaptive Controller, Elite and SCUF will indeed be compatible on the next Xbox Series X. Information contrary to its direct competitor Sony, which recently announced that the DualShock 4 will not be compatible with PS5 games. A new battle won against the Japanese firm, but the war continues, and Sony seems to still have some cards to play.

Xbox Series X - World Premiere Trailer

Project xCloud: Microsoft gives new information on Game Pass integration

Scheduled for September 15, Microsoft is merging its streaming service, Project xCloud, with its Game Pass catalog and will first take place on Android.

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TacticalQuandry 11 months ago

This is good to know.

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