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What awaits you in Godfall? More info with this launch trailer

What awaits you in Godfall? More info with this launch trailer

Gearbox and various guests commented on a long gameplay demonstration before talking about the different aspects of the game, including the builds and high-level content in end-game. This was followed by a Q&A session with the developers.

What awaits you in Godfall? More info with this launch trailer

The release of Godfall is approaching, and the developers are finally confident in the various character progression systems. Many aspects of the game have been covered, so we will summarize the main points here by theme.

The trailer also confirmed that the PS5 exclusivity is only 6 months, the game will then be released on Xbox Series S/X.


  • This area is your base. It allows you to practice against dummies, prepare your build, and forge equipment.
  • The different Valorplates you have unlocked are also displayed here.


  • The tutorial of the game lasts about 45 minutes, it must be done solo, but once the Sanctum is unlocked, everything else can be done in multiplayer. The only constraint to complete some missions is that players must have both unlocked its content, it's not possible to invite a player on the final boss if he hasn't completed the previous missions. Same thing for high level content.
  • The progress in the story and the group game modes also counts for your solo progress.
  • As in almost all games of the genre, the loot is separated by player, so there's no need to throw yourself at items on the ground or chests.
  • One of the equipped items is a banner, unfolding it will activate an aura with some power. Your teammates also benefit from this, and their effects are cumulative.
  • Some Valorplates are better suited for cooperative use, for example Aegis Valorplates reduce damage to teammates as well.
  • Combined with healing banners and a power that leaves a life drain mark on enemies, this makes it possible to play Support/tank to some extent while fighting in melee.
  • Some enhancements to be activated in Valorplates have multiplayer synergies.

Statistics & Equipment

  • The 3 main statistics are Might, Spirit and Vitality, which correspond more or less to physical damage, magic and life. There are also many secondary statistics such as Critical Hit Chances and Critical Damage.
  • In total there are 8 equipment slots: 2 weapons (you can switch from one to the other), a charm, an amulet, 2 rings, a life stone and a banner.
  • Having 2 weapons allows you to adapt your playing style to the situation, for example one weapon for groups and one for bosses.
  • There are 12 Valorplates in total (the animal armor species like the Knights of the Zodiac), you will have to forge new ones as you progress. They aren't always strictly superior to each other, they favor a certain gameplay and attributes. For example, the one that can only be forged once the last boss in the story has been defeated gives bonuses related to critical moves.
  • The goal is to create a build that suits you with your own choice of Valorplate, weapons and talents.

Levels & Skills

  • The maximum level is set at 50, one point is obtained at each level. The maximum level is not reached by finishing the basic story.
  • This wasn't very clear, but it seems that additional points can be obtained by participating in some of the side activities and exploring the high-level content. In any case, the objective is to allow players to continue to progress their build.
  • Similarly, it's not clear whether the maximum number of points is 125, or whether it would take 125 points to unlock the entire talent tree. In any case, it is confirmed that it will never be possible to unlock the whole talent tree. Choices will have to be made for your current build.
  • It's very easy, and even encouraged to change build, including talents. The goal is to experiment and find new ways to play.

Other content & end game

  • During the main campaign, it's possible to go hunting in parallel with the main missions in order to obtain loot, skill points, etc.
  • Once the main story is over, a new game mode is unlocked, it is called Dreamstone. This partially random mode projects you into a procedurally generated world, you will have to complete 3 different rounds which may vary in nature. You can for example choose to face one group of enemies rather than another, or one challenge rather than another. Ending a round gives loot and a power bonus that lasts. Once the 3 rounds are over, the fixed boss (but improved compared to his version of the campaign) is faced. It's easier if you're not dead during the rounds thanks to the power bonuses. In case of defeat, you have to start all over again.
  • Finishing one Dreamstone unlocks the next one, in total there are 18 of them. Each one has a specific boss, and they are made to be varied and replayable.
  • Once all Dreamstones are finished, the last mode is unlocked, the Round of events. It is a dungeon that includes an unlimited number of levels, each one more and more difficult. Progressing in this tower is difficult, but many unique and very powerful items can only be obtained there. In case of death, you have to start all over again, this is the ultimate challenge with a little rogue-like twist.

PS5: Godfall, trailer and gameplay presentation

At the Playstation 5 conference, Gearbox shows more about its next game: Godfall. Discover the trailer and the gameplay of this next game.

Original content by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet.


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