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PS5: Sony announces restock before the end of the year

PS5: Sony announces restock before the end of the year

Good news for all those who haven't managed to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 at launch — Sony have said stores are expected to receive more consoles to honor pre-orders or to go on sale in late 2020.

PS5: Sony announces restock before the end of the year

Many gamers found themselves without the long-awaited PlayStation 5 on release date, thanks to a combination of low stock and the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting delivery.

According to Sony's latest tweet, however, stocks may soon be on the rise once more.

People who have purchased a console already yet haven't received it are encouraged to keep in touch with their supplier.

If your pre-order has ever been canceled, this will be an opportunity to assert your rights. 

PlayStation 5 DualSense can now be used on Steam

Valve's platform supports a wide range of peripherals, and Sony's new controller is no longer an exception. You'll now be able to play titles previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

A new PS5 firmware update is available

What is the update for PlayStation 5 available today? Check out the full patch for more details.


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