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League of Legends: An update on the redesign of the store, ranked mode and balancing

League of Legends: An update on the redesign of the store, ranked mode and balancing

Rioter Scruffy returns in a Quick Gameplay Thought on the redesign of the League of Legends in-game store and on the various upcoming balances, including the ranked mode.

League of Legends: An update on the redesign of the store, ranked mode and balancing

A new "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" has been released on January 29: time for Riot Games to look back on the new features of the League of Legends 11th season, such as the redesign of the store, position balances and the ranked mode.

Shop and Items

One of the main changes in League is the redesign of the store, and the appearance of mythical items. The store is better optimized, with more relevant choices according to the different situations that players may face during the game.

The mythical items choices have also been broadened, but not for all champions. Riot Games estimates that 20% of the champions exceed the limit of systematic mythical items, which means that they take the same mythical item every time in more than 75% of the games.

The store has had a makeover - League of Legends
The store has had a makeover

The "recommended" tab shows players which items to take according to the situation, and some builds are suggested based on what high level players choose.

In addition, Riot Games has adjusted the burst and its effects, to give more options to fragile characters in order to balance the gameplay.

League of Legends

Position Balance

Riot Games noticed that the support and ADC positions have been weakened with this new season, while the jungler post — despite its impact on games — is not very popular.

So, they decided to add a single item — a jungle starter — which allows players to focus on their build much faster.

Riot also wants to improve the various tools available to players, such as putting camp timers on the minimap.

Reworks and next champions

The Champions released in 2020 have been successful, and the Volibear and Fiddlesticks reworks have been popular so far. Champions with unique gameplay and kits will emerge, as well as clearer counterplays, this year.

Dr. Mundo will be the next rework to land in the Rift.

More details of the Dr. Mundo rework revealed

Following the recent update on Dr. Mundo's rework, Riot Games have revealed a little more about how the Madman of Zaun will play out.

Ranked mode

At the moment —  after improvements — Riot Games considers the mode to be more fluid, and as a result players encounter fewer smurfs, a smoother ladder and, overall, more balanced games.

Original content by "Antagoniste".

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