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Project L playtesting to begin in April

Project L playtesting to begin in April

Riot Games' fighting game is set to start playtesting later this month, inviting members of the community to take part.

Project L playtesting to begin in April

Riot Games' new fighting game, Project L, is set to be playtested between April 23rd and April 25th. The game is set to feature members of the Runeterra Universe, pulling from the pool of League of Legends Champions

It was announced that some members of the community were invited to take part in a survey, going as far as to ask if they're free on specific dates and if they had a friend they would like to playtest with.

These play dates ranged from the middle of April through to the middle of May. When no more news was heard, it left the surveyees feel that it had been put on hold; however some have now come forward to say they have been invited to playtest between April 23 and April 25.

Putting it all together, it would be a total of 18 hours of playtesting per person across those days. With more dates in May, it is likely that more rounds of playtesting will come too.

While we don't have any more content revealed to us yet, it is a sign that we're getting close to the beta.

As stated in the video, many of the people involved will be under NDA's and would face serious legal challenges if they were to leak any information; therefore any news that comes out regarding Project L during this timeframe shouldn't be taken too seriously unless from official sources.

It does seem to follow VALORANT's example, where prominent members of the FPS community were invited to playtest the game before it was released to beta.

We first saw opinions from the VALORANT playtesters at the start of February 2020, and more content and news, including release date, was officially published less than a month later. With this timescale in mind, we could find ourselves with more Project L information by the end of June, and potentially playing it over summer!

Project L has been on the cards since Riot Games bought Radiant Entertainment, a developer run by EVO co-founder Tom Cannon, back in 2016.

At EVO, Tom Cannon announced that he would be working with Riot Games, and Mark Merrill later confirmed that the announcement was done this way because they wanted a fighting game announcement made first and directly to the fighting game community. This has since lead to speculation that more Project L content will be released at the 2021 EVO, provided it goes ahead.

Riot Games confirms League of Legends MMO through job listings

The much-vaunted League of Legends MMO is real, and now Riot Games have confirmed it through advertising for a range of vacancies on a new part of its official website.


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