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Changes to Sona coming to League of Legends this Summer

Changes to Sona coming to League of Legends this Summer

The changes are aimed at reviving the Sona hypercarries, which have suffered with the new items.

Changes to Sona coming to League of Legends this Summer

A while ago, the League of Legends developers announced changes coming to Sona.

The hope behind the change is to keep Sona's hyperscaling ability alive, but without relying on needing lane farm. The preseason item changes weren't exactly helpful for Sona and this fantasy.

New VFX heading to the Howling Abyss, while Sona is being worked on

Sona's changes will reward her for playing with allies, while poros are just getting cuter.

The changes are now locked in, and due to come in the near future.

We have a good idea of what the changes could be. Obviously they could have changed, but one of the initial ideas, which saw testing, was to remove the Ultimate passive which reduces the cooldown of her basic abilities, and replace it with a new Passive for Sona which grants Ability Haste, and later Ability Power, whenever her basic abilities affect Champions.

It looks like the actual changes are decided upon, and have now been shipped off for the artists to create the visual effects to go with it.

The Lead Game Designer has said there isn't a major change to her assets, and it isn't a large update. The changes are hoped to be shipped to live during Summer.

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