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Lucian and Lillia are the next League of Legends Champions to get major changes

Lucian and Lillia are the next League of Legends Champions to get major changes

Citing Lucian's power as a flex pick, and dominance in the Mid lane, Riot developers have talked about how and why they're looking at changing Lucian and Lillia.

Lucian and Lillia are the next League of Legends Champions to get major changes

With Dr. Mundo back on Summoner's Rift with his new look, League of Legends developers have already announced their next targets.

Jeevun Sidhu has announced that the Force of Nature changes have been pushed back, initially hoping for an 11.13 release to match the other mobility changes, but delayed due to player feedback meaning a change in direction.

The team are now working on Lucian, and are looking at his flexibility and power at high levels. Lucian is seen as a flex pick and a dominant Mid laner at high levels of play, but has a poor win rate in all positions in Solo Queue where he is mostly played Bot.

The plan is to increase his bindings to the Bot lane, and increasing ways in which he can interact with Supports.

Currently, the focus is on reducing his base stats and early power to decrease his solo lane dominance. In exchange, Lucian is due to receive "new empowerments when he is Healed or Shielded by an ally."

There are also tests for increased damage against immobilised targets too.

All this, as well as the constant Moonstone buffs, may make for a truly powerful Bot lane Marksmen. Will this turn the Lucian + Senna into a power couple like Xayah + Rakan?

League of Legends 11.13 Patch Preview

The next patch is due to deploy next week, and will bring new items as well as nerfs to mobility. This League of Legends patch is focused on system reworks, so not many Champion changes.

Lillia is the next on the list, although it sounds like her changes are locked in and ready to go; they've just been held back due to the large mobility changes coming this patch.

Again, the goal is to reduce the prominence in professional levels of play and address the low Solo Queue win rate. This is going to be done by increasing her durability and scaling, but lowering her early game power.

Lillia will now gain a regen effect while her Passive is doing damage, and her Passive will also gain more damage and increased scaling. The movement speed from her Q is being reduced early, but the scaling is being "GIGABUFFED" to compensate.

Nerfs are also going to her E and Ultimate, as these are her major engage tools which help make her scary at professional levels of play.

Based on Lillia being ready, and could have been deployed for 11.13, I would expect her changes at least to come in 11.14. Lucian may come in that time frame too, but it depends whether changes can be locked in, tested, and balanced in the next few weeks. Patch 11.14 is due to come to live servers in the first week of July.

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