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Pokémon TCG Live announced for PC, Android and iOS

Pokémon TCG Live announced for PC, Android and iOS

A much-needed update of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is coming soon, and will be playable across PC, Android and iOS platforms -- including smartphones for the first time.

Pokémon TCG Live announced for PC, Android and iOS

Free-to-play and localized into six global languages, Pokémon TCG Live sees the first new version of the game for digital devices in a decade.

No release date has been revealed as yet, with the official press release stating that players in Canada can take part in a mobile soft launch later this year, as well as there being a global PC and Mac beta.

This edition of the collectible card game will be playable on smartphones for the first time, with the previous Pokémon Trading Card Game Online only playable on PC and certain tablets. 

TCG Live builds on the previous version of the game, adding a new customisable avatar system, different currencies for purchasing packs, decks, and accessories, and bundles. 

In terms of gameplay, Live promises a new Ranked Ladder, daily quests and challenges, and an all-new Battle Pass system. 

With both basic, Premium, and Premium + versions, ranks will reward Trainers with 'in-game cosmetics, booster packs, and more'. 

In line with TCGO, it appears the game's three currencies will only be obtainable by playing the game itself and completing in-game challenges, rather than being purchased for real money. Those currencies are:

  • Coins: Obtained by completing quests, levelling up, and increasing your rank, these are used to get avatar items and deck customisation items such as sleeves. 
  • Credits: Players can transfer up to four copies of unique cards from their TCGO accounts, or one copy of ACE SPEC or Prism Star Cards, or 59 copies of basic Energy cards. Additional copies will be converted into Credits, which are used to purchase single cards. They will also be awarded when hitting certain milestones.
  • Crystals: Awarded from completing quests, these will be used to purchase booster packs, promo cards, and special bundles. They are also used to upgrade the Battle Pass to Premium and Premium +. 

Given the two titles use the same login data, Trainers simply need to log into TCG Live on release for their data to be transferred. To facilitate this, TCG Online will be sunset shortly prior to TCG Live's release. 

An extensive FAQ has been released for players concerned about their collections in the current TCGO, and whether or not they will be transferable to TCG Live. Clarifications state that:

  • All Sword & Shield cards will be transferable and playable from launch, as well as Sun & Moon expansions from Lost Thunder through to Cosmic Eclipse. 
  • Other expansions from Sun & Moon, as well as XY and Black & White, are transferrable but not playable until a future TCG Live update.
  • Certain unique cards will also be transferable, as will coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes. 

Items not transferable include: 

  • HeartGold & SoulSilver era cards
  • Avatar items
  • Unopened items
  • In-game currency
  • Saved deck lists.

You can find full details of the FAQ here.

Screens from the mobile version can be seen below:


While saved decks cannot be transfered, Trainers can use TCGO's export tool to convert their lists to text files, which will then be uploadable in TCG Live. 

TCGO remains playable until the game has been removed from app stores. 

Pokémon GO has a special collaboration with the Pokémon Trading Card Game

Professor Willow, from Pokémon GO, is featured in a brand new card for Pokémon TCG. Plus, it will have a unique code that will bring Trainers exclusive content.

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