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Sony PlayStation wants to become "the Nike" of esports

Sony PlayStation wants to become "the Nike" of esports

Japanese tech giant Sony unveiled a range of gaming-only products a few days ago. A marketing strategy that confirms Sony's desire to become the world's leading esports supplier.

Not content with the worldwide success that it owes for many years to its consoles, telephones and audiovisual equipment in particular, Sony has recently launched a line of gaming products. For the moment, only helmets and screens are available, but it's a good start.


For the moment, three helmets and two screens have landed in the Sony equipment fleet. These are dedicated peripherals for PC and PlayStation gamers, of course.

The INZONE M9 is a 27" 4K HDR IPS 1ms 144Hz gaming monitor that will go on sale for $1099 when it releases on August 5, 2022. It features Nvidia GSync technology and 4K . M3 is a 27" Full HD HDR 240 Hz IPS 1 ms gaming monitor . The INZONE 3 is currently not available and we have no information on the price or the release date, but it will be sold cheaper than its big brother the M9, being of lower quality of range.

Sony sells in particular the refresh rate of the screens as well as the quality of the contrasts. Ideal for playing on PC therefore, but also "perfect for the PlayStation 5", as the Japanese company claims.


Helmets are already available:

  • The INZONE H3 is a $99.99 wired micro gaming headset.
  • The INZONE H7 is a $229.99 wireless micro gaming headset.
  • The INZONE H9 is a $299.99 wireless micro gaming headset.

    All three headsets feature 360° Tempest 3D spatial sound technology. The INZONE H7 has a battery life of 40 hours, and the H9 a battery life of 32 hours, as well as an anti-noise and ambient noise system. All of them are obviously optimized for PC and PS5. Screens and headsets will complement each other, and buying both types of products together is of course strongly encouraged by Sony.

The Nike of PC Gaming gear

With this new range of PC gaming-oriented products (and PS5, yes), Sony clearly expresses its desire to provide equipment to various esports teams around the world. It is in an interview granted to Nikkei Asia that Kazuo Kii, executive vice-president of Sony , reveals the intention to establish itself in the market of PC gaming and esports.

“The concept had been considered before the pandemic, and three years later it was in development. The television and audio equipment markets have reached maturity. When Sony took an important step in restructuring its TV business, we thought about the next step to take. Sony technology can live on in monitors and gaming headsets.

[Target market is] Hardcore PC gamers. We'll start at the top and understand what top esports players want. The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike providing shoes for athletes. One can win prizes and rewards in esports. If a monitor's response time lags even slightly, you lose. Sony products are not going to let people down who engage in these grueling battles. »

Kazuo Kii is confident about the place Sony could take in the PC gaming and esports market:

There is not yet a dominant leader among the established producers. [...] This represents an opportunity for Sony.

We just have to wait for the month of August to find out what the Japanese giant's new PC products give and to see this new equipment in action during esport competitions.

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