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Company of Heroes 3: The real-time strategy game reveals its release date

Company of Heroes 3: The real-time strategy game reveals its release date

Announced on July 13, 2021 by publisher SEGA, the STR Company of Heroes 3 now has a release date scheduled for the end of 2022. Here are all the details, as well as the new trailer on the war in Africa.

Company of Heroes 3: The real-time strategy game reveals its release date

Like many release dates announced recently, Company of Heroes 3 arrives in November, and more precisely, November 17, 2022 on PC via Steam . Launched in 2006 and developed by Canadian studio Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes is a three-game real-time strategy series that places the player in strategic skirmishes set during World War II. The first game placed the player in the boots of a US Army commander (and more specifically the head of the fictional Able Company and Fox Company units) who had to perform some of the best-known skirmishes in the US military. Among these, we can cite the American landing in Normandy, the Battle of Saint-Lô or even Operation Windsor.

The game was mainly appreciated for the quality of its staging (through cinematics between missions), its destructible settings, its rich gameplay and its complete multiplayer mode.


An Eye in the Retro: Company of Heroes 2

The second opus, released in 2013, takes the qualities of the first game and improves them. The action is still set during the Second World War, but adds the armies of the Eastern Front alongside the American and British armies.

Company of Heroes 2 adds a new game mode, Theater of War, which complements the main campaign with new missions that can be completed cooperatively with a friend or an AI. Some features have also been integrated into the gameplay and enrich the immersion such as the management of body heat during snowy missions (which results in the appearance of frostbite among the soldiers).

Like the first game, Company of Heroes 2 was greatly appreciated and is now a classic in the category of real-time strategy games set during World War II.


New in Company of Heroes 3

With Company of Heroes 3, the Relic Entertainment studio improves the formula of the two previous games.

The first major novelty is the possibility of pausing the action of the game and defining the actions that will be carried out subsequently by our army and the second novelty is the improvement of the physics engine of the game, and more specifically of the system of destruction of decorations. Indeed, buildings can collapse and thus bury any enemy soldiers living there.

The missions of Company of Heroes 3 will be set in new places such as battles taking place in Italy and Africa, among others (it will be possible to play the units of the Afrikacorps). The editor announces that it will be possible to browse the Tobruk, Gazala and El Alamein battles.

The publisher also announced the presence of a game mode with a dynamic map, in sandbox mode, where the tactical possibilities will be enriched and which, it is hoped, will bring Company of Heroes closer to the games of the French studio Eugen Systems. (Wargame, Warno), acclaimed for their tactical depth and impressive physics engine.


Pre-order bonus and release date

You can already pre-order the game at a price of 59.99€ and this will allow you to obtain the following in-game items:

  • American rifleman skin
  • American Scout Skin
  • M18 Hellcat Appearance
  • M8 Greyhound Appearance
  • Engineer Soldier Title and Profile

    Company of Heroes 3 is scheduled for November 17, 2022 on PC through the Steam platform.

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