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Twitch: Dr Disrespect gives news of his free-to-play game

Twitch: Dr Disrespect gives news of his free-to-play game

Dr Disrespect's game seems to be getting clearer this month, since a good package of information has just landed on Twitter and the official site of its development studio, Midnight Society

About a year ago, Guy Beahm — better known by the pseudonym of Dr Disrespect — founded his brand new development studio, Midnight Society , with his partners Quinn Delhoyo, Sumit Gupta, and Robert Bowling, all three regulars in the world of video games. .

A few months later, the Midnight Society team teased their first game , and began selling 10,000 beta accesses in the form of $50 Founders Access Passes, which included NFT sales.

Project Moon

ProjectMoon is therefore a Free-to-play first-person "extraction" shooter , i.e. a PvP and PvE game in the form of raids , such as Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown , in which players must defeat the opposing team and / or enemy AI and then extract themselves from the map. They then keep the loot from each match when they survive, but lose what they have on them when they die. It will also be a "vertical" game, which no doubt means that the levels will take on a tower-like form.

“Midnight Society aims to deliver the most community-driven online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen.

Built from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5, our new game - codenamed "Project Moon" - will be open to our community from day one and to core content creators from early iterations through the Founders Access Pass. »

"Our first game, 'Project Moon,' is a vertical extraction shooter (VES)." explains the development team

"Our primary gameplay goals are to capture the essence of arena shooters with the scale and player count of a battle royale, and the gameplay mechanics of battle royale-based shooters. extraction. »


Snapshots and events as a roadmap

Rather than following a normal roadmap, Midnight Society chose to involve the community at every step. It is by releasing what developers call Snapshots that development will evolve:

“Every six weeks we will release Snapshots, which are playable experiences focused on specific development milestones. Each stage comes with a feedback process covering weapons, player abilities, gameplay, and playspaces within the game. Our team will collect feedback, prioritize it, and apply it to future Snapshots . “, can we read on the Midnight Society blog.

“Snapshots are not the full game, but rather vertical slices of key aspects of the game intended to focus community discussion on specific features or mechanics that we are actively developing. Every six weeks, these Snapshots are updated with additional features, mechanics, and resources, based on discussions with the community. »


The first Snapshot, called SnapshotCL1000 , will contain an Assault Rifle as well as the Player Base .

“We offer three different shooting experiences in the player base. Wherever you see a red button, you will be able to activate a unique fire drill, each designed to hone a unique skill with the first Assault Rifle.”


The Midnight Society team has also organized events for Founders (i.e. those who have purchased a Founders Pass Access). These would be events in which the Founders can meet the developers to discuss with them their gaming experiences regarding Project Moon.

The meetings will of course take place in the presence of the Doc, logical, since he is above all a public figure. The first event will take place in Los Angeles.

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