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Elden Ring, Code Vein, Little Nightmares… A leak suggests the imminent return of these games

Elden Ring, Code Vein, Little Nightmares… A leak suggests the imminent return of these games

Bandai Namco accused the blow of a ransomware attack a few days ago, and data concerning games from the firm would have leaked. So, info or intox?

Leaks from Bandai Namco 's databases were revealed a few days ago during a ransomware attack by the ALPHV group (formerly the BlackCat group) which allegedly took place on the night of July 3 . An image of a game lineup has been posted.

A DLC for Elden Ring?


This image that you can see above has been doing the rounds on the networks for the past few days. It would supposedly contain a list of the major titles of the Japanese firm planned for 2023. We can see Armored Core in Q1 2023, Little Nightmares 3 and a Digimon game in Q2 2023, the DLC of Elden Ring, Barbarians of the Badlands and Tekken 8 in Q3 2023, Code Vein 2 and a One Punch Man game in Q4, and a Dragon Ball game planned for almost every term, just that!

If some information seems to hold water, such as the release of Armored Core, or a DLC for Elden Ring, others seem extremely unreliable.

Real leak or fake?

Although nothing was certain, it is thanks to a Twitter user, The Lore Hunter , as well as Dualshockers, that we know what to expect. It would seem that all of these leaks are false, unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows).

" For those wondering, it's a fake. The Tekken logo is taken from a fan made video, Digimon won't have a Cybersleuth title from what I heard, and Barbarians of the Badlands is just a silly title. We will have the Elden Ring DLC, but not this one. And hopefully Armored Core too . »

Indeed, the image that contains the so-called leaks would have been circulating for a long time before the pirate attack against Bandai Namco. Also, the Tekken 8 logo is indeed from a fan-made video posted some time ago. As for the Digimon game, Bandai had already confirmed that the next installment would be a story-driven game set in the digital world, reports Dualshockers.

Regarding the other games, we can clearly see amalgamations of crudely edited logos, such as the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Super logo which is simply a mixture of that of FighterZ and that of Super.

And if you need other arguments, you can always go to the subreddit specializing in leaks and rumours : many users give excellent reasons there that question the veracity of this leak.

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