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GTA 5: The Rockstar Games juggernaut is celebrating its 9th birthday!

GTA 5: The Rockstar Games juggernaut is celebrating its 9th birthday!

Today is a special day for GTA 5 as the Rockstar Games title celebrates its 9th anniversary. At almost 10 years old, what is it worth today, why is it still so present on our consoles? Back to the flagship title of the starred firm

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto 5, Happy Birthday! Yes, the Rockstar Games juggernaut blows out its ninth candle on September 17, 2022, and at almost 10 years of existence in our lives, the latter does not seem to want to stop on such a good path since it displays today over 170 million sales worldwide.

GTA 5, the masterpiece of Rockstar Games

We are not telling you anything if we tell you that GTA 5 was a real bomb in our video game landscape when it was released on September 17, 2013 . Highly anticipated by the Rockstar Games community, the game quickly made a name for itself, and for good reason, it was designated as the game with the largest open-world . If today this statement is no longer really true (the size of its open-world), it was a real slap in the face for millions of players.

Moreover, and for the first time in the license, the title of the starred firm did not offer one but rather 3 playable characters , all charismatic and each with qualities and faults. So we have Franklin, Michael, and our dear Trevor. The three form a rather unexpected trio, and they find themselves, we will say in spite of themselves, carrying out several robberies through the city of Los Santos, and if the main plot is well written and the game ends once the campaign is over, why today GTA 5 continues to appeal to players as much?

Well we must admit that Rockstar Games makes sure that its Online mode , very popular with players, constantly offers new major updates , two a year, with a weekly rotation of bonuses in the title like missions and races. which will then offer 3x more gains etc.

In addition, there is a real enthusiasm for GTA RP, role play in GTA, and since around 2017, the number of players has exploded, in particular thanks to these different servers. For those who don't know what RP is, it's nothing more or less than playing, shall we say, "seriously" and as if we had a real second life in GTA. You can play as a corrupt cop, an abusive mayor, or even minors who love illegal trafficking. In France, recently, we have two great FR streamers who were able to join the first RP server in the world, namely the NoPixel server, and they are Kameto and Amine. If we can't wait to discover their adventure, there is one for which things went wrong, we are obviously talking about Clix. The latter was banned from Twitch after having had "a sexual relationship" in-game, for a minimum of 7 days...

Will GTA 5 celebrate its 10th anniversary without GTA 6?

If we are happy and happy to still have the possibility of being able to play GTA Online, we are still waiting for the highly anticipated GTA 6. But a question arises: are we going to have the possibility of playing to GTA 6 before GTA 5 turns 10? Nothing is less sure...

At the time of writing these lines, we are still waiting for any image or official information from Rockstar Games regarding its next opus. If he has confirmed his development, unfortunately that is all we know at this time. As a result, it is very unlikely that GTA 6 will show up in the next 365 days.

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Announced for a while on the Xbox Game Pass, Valheim finally has the official release date of its arrival on Microsoft's service. And it will happen very quickly, since the survival game that marked the players when it was released in early access, will be available at the end of September.

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