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Nintendo Switch: 5 cozy games to celebrate the arrival of autumn

Nintendo Switch: 5 cozy games to celebrate the arrival of autumn

This weekend, it's raining, the leaves are starting to fall, and the mercury is dropping drastically. Quick ! It's time to take your Switch and your plaid, and get comfortable watching the drops fall, and why not growing some parsnips.

Nintendo Switch: 5 cozy games to celebrate the arrival of autumn

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting warmer… There's no doubt that autumn is here . It's time for you to take advantage of a rainy day to relax under a little blanket with a hot chocolate and your trusty Switch , and for us to make you a small selection of cozy games to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a narrative game that will take you to the small town of Possum Spring, in the middle of autumn, in the shoes of Mae, a student / cat who has dropped out of school and returns to her hometown to find herself.

Night in the Woods is a relaxing and exotic game, but know that it can also be sinister, and that it tackles themes that can be difficult such as depression and bereavement.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is in the same vein as Night in the Woods, while being much lighter. While the themes covered are quite similar, Life is Strange is less like an introspective journey and more like a kind of mysterious supernatural thriller in which you play as the heroine.

If you don't know Life is Strange, we strongly recommend that you settle down in your chair and try the adventure on Switch, since it is a classic , or even the narrative game franchise. the most recognized. And of course, the plot takes place at the beginning of autumn!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the quintessential games when the terms "cozy" and "autumn" are used. If all the seasons of the year have of course their place in the game, ANCH still goes particularly well with the autumn season. A rainy weekend like today is a perfect time to visit or revisit your island!

Stardew Valley

If Animal Crossing is one of the reference games of autumnal chill, Stardew Valley is THE game that reigns supreme in the genre. Stardew Valley offers tons of content , a smooth and relaxed vibe , and lovely music .

However, if you've never played Stardew Valley, beware, it's extremely addictive if you stick with the concept, and your rainy weekend will turn into Monday before you know it!


Spiritfarer lets you enjoy the comfort of a management simulation, but beware, it's a very emotional game, which will potentially make you shed a few tears. You play as a "Spiritfarer" whose role is to transport lost souls to the afterlife.

You'll build homes for the spirits on your ship, get to know them , and cook for them to eat. This game addresses the themes of death, regrets, mourning and love in a healthy and positive way, while being extremely touching, and very addictive.

Many other games could have found their place in this selection. If you're looking for an experience that will thrill and thrill you, you can also take a look at What Remains of Edith Finch and Firewatch on Switch, which are excellent storytelling games.

If you are rather looking to relax without pressure, and without necessarily getting emotional (or even making you sad), Cozy Grove, Wytchwood , and A Short Hike will make you spend a little moment of relaxation without the fuss, all in an atmosphere autumnal.

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