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Fortnite x Stranger Things: The collab should soon expand!

Fortnite x Stranger Things: The collab should soon expand!

While we have already had the right to a first crossover between Fortnite and the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, it seems that the two are doing it again for a second time for our greatest pleasure. A return of the series for the Halloween period?

For several years now, crossovers and collaborations of all kinds in Fortnite have been commonplace, and we are no longer really surprised to see a Darth Vader flying on a magic cloud in pursuit of Lara Croft and Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. This time, it's the Netflix series Stranger Things' turn to be in the spotlight again and to be talked about again if we are to believe one of the most famous Fortnite leakers. , HYPEX . We take stock with you.

Stranger Things soon back in Fortnite?

Remember, a few years ago, in 2019 to be precise, Epic Games Battle Royale players were able to get their hands on some skins straight from the Stranger Things series with Chef Hopper and the Demogorgon . However, since then, nothing more concerning the series, despite the last season to date which has caused a sensation with the fans.

However, it seems that things will change soon, with a resounding return (we hope) of the series in Fortnite. Indeed, according to leaker and dataminer HYPEX on Twitter, a clue appears to be putting players on the path to Stranger Things thanks to a data discovery in the latest Battle Royale update .

Version 22.1 of Fortnite would have actually highlighted a rather intriguing element of the decor with a " Grandfather Clock " (grandfather clock), fatally reminiscent of the famous clock present in the Netflix series. Will we finally have the right to the arrival of Vecna in the coming days? Such an arrival would not be really surprising knowing that we will soon be starting the Halloween festivities, but for the moment, we will have to take our troubles patiently while waiting for any formalization from Epic Games.

Fortnite is getting ready for Halloween

Like every year now, Fortnite is putting on Halloween colors and offering a special event through the Fortnitemares. For this 2022 edition, the festivities will begin on October 18, and everything should normally last two weeks.

For the occasion, we were treated to a first teaser showing a wolf statue, dodging the usual zombies and ghosts for this year, at least at first sight. We will certainly have other teasers in the days to come, with, we hope, the formalization of the return of Stranger Things with the arrival of Vecna ! As we say so well, patience is a virtue!

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