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Twitch: Amouranth reveals the astronomical sum she received in one month!

Twitch: Amouranth reveals the astronomical sum she received in one month!

A true Twitch star, Amouranth has tens of thousands of followers on his Twitch account and cashes in millions of dollars every month. But then, what was the most profitable month for her and above all... how much did she receive?

Over the years, Amouranth has become a real phenomenon on Twitch. A true pioneer of the hot-tub category, she has gathered a community of tens of thousands of followers who have followed all her adventures on the platform. Thanks to all these loyal users, the content creator seems to be doing pretty well financially. It was in a podcast that she revealed the colossal amount of some of her income... It's in the millions!

"What was your most profitable month as a designer?"

Here's the question Jake Lucky asked Amouranth during his "Squad Cast" podcast. While she was questioned on various subjects, the content creator did not hesitate to confide when the animators approached the financial question. According to her, each month is generally more profitable than the previous one. The streamer officiates on various platforms but the main ones remain Twitch as well as OnlyFans. These last two earn him astronomical amounts that continue to increase each month.

However, Amouranth mentions a check for $2 million , adding that it is arguably the largest to date. But as the streamer so aptly puts it, “every new month becomes the most profitable month” . However, she reveals that she sometimes has bad months, when she does not do special events, during which she can receive around €100,000 less, but never anything very catastrophic.

Does she realize?

Completely shocked by these colossal figures, the podcast hosts still asked her if the content creator realized the extent of the checks cashed: "Do you still feel this crazy feeling when you realize the number of zeros?" . To this, Amouranth replied "a little bit" , adding that it helps him to continue. All these zeros seem to greatly motivate her to invest in her future projects.

When she thinks about those numbers and all the things she can accomplish with them, the streamer says to herself, "It's definitely worth it." In the future, she intends to continue her momentum and who knows, maybe she will pass the 3 million mark per month in 2023?

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