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LoL Worlds 2019 Play-in Groups Recap — DAMWON 2-0 on their first day

LoL Worlds 2019 Play-in Groups Recap — DAMWON 2-0 on their first day

League of Legends World Championship started yesterday with the Play-in phase and the Group A and B matches! Today, we saw Hong Kong Attitude, Lowkey Esports, DAMWON Gaming, Flamengo eSports, and Royal Youth competing to reach the Main Event — and the least we can say is that it was quite... rapid.

LoL Worlds 2019 Play-in Groups Recap — DAMWON 2-0 on their first day

The League of Legends World Championship started yesterday with the Play-in Groups phase. If you miss the first day, you can check our Day 1 Recap, just below!

Worlds 2019: Play-in Groups Recap — Splyce lead Group B after Day 1!

League of Legends World Championship started today with the Play-in phase! Clutch Gaming, Unicorns of Love, DAMWON Gaming, Splyce, Mammoth, Isurus Gaming — which of these teams will access the Main Event?!

If you didn't, and are just wondering what happened today, then this article is made for you!

Match 1 — Royal Youth vs DAMWON Gaming

With a very aggressive early game, Royal Youth started with confidence. For a while, we were even under the impression that they could beat the LCK third seed.

Royal Youth quickly took the kill lead — something we weren't expecting. However, LCK teams are traditionally famous for their slow starts.

After 20 minutes, the kill advantage didn't mean anything anymore, with DAMWON Gaming taking a 2k gold lead thanks to a huge CS advantage and securing four drakes.

Leaving Qiyana open and underestimating Closer was perhaps DAMWON's biggest mistake — but even then, it didn't stop them claiming their opening win of the campaign.

Match 2 — MEGA vs Hong Kong Attitude

After 27 mins of this contest, neither team had built a true advantage — the game was extraordinarily close.

However, MEGA had managed to secure four drakes, putting Hong Kong Attitude in quite a bad position

The SEA champions decided to go all-in and commit to a Baron play, but Crash had other ideas on his Lee Sin, stealing Nashor, before obliterating four of their opponents.

With MEGA death timers too long, HKA closed out an unlikely comeback win.

Match 3 — DAMWON Gaming vs Flamengo eSports

The Brazilian rookies entered this game with the will to defeat the LCK third seed. After nine minutes, there were nine kills on the board, and DAMWON were already building a slow but steady gold lead.

Flamengo managed to stage a comeback with a really nice move in the botlane, drawing even on kills. The CBLOL representatives seemed to always find windows of opportunity where DAMWON were weak — but at the end of the day, it didn't feel enough.

After crushing Baron in less than four seconds, DAMWON were engaged by Flamengo, but the LCK team held firm and eventually aced the Brazilian team.

With an 11k gold lead, DAMWON just walked towards the Nexus to pocket their victory.

Match 4 — MEGA vs Lowkey Esports

Without a doubt, this was the most chaotic game of the day — 50 kills total in 39 minutes, and wall-to-wall teamfights scattered throughout the Rift.

MEGA never appeared to be in good shape, while Lowkey seemed superior overall. However, the SEA champions were punished the smallest mistakes of the VCS representatives.

At 24 minutes, LK managed to take down the Baron and went straight to the toplane to capitalize. However, they overextended and immediately paid the price — four of their members being taken down.

From teamfight to teamfight, the balance eventually shifted, and MEGA managed to pull off the perfect end: ace, Baron, victory.

Match 5 — Royal Youth vs Flamengo eSports

This was the most one-sided game of the day. Brazilian superstar brtt confidently picked his Draven — the champion that made him famous. He even has Draven's blades tattooed on both his arms! He then calmly proceeded to obliterate Royal Youth.

After 20 minutes, Flamengo had already built a 4k gold lead, and they quickly followed with a sneaky Baron. They also took down Tolerant for good measure, who was just trying to gather information.

The CBLOL representatives secured a third drake, but it just felt like they didn't need anything else to win.

Truly, Flamengo just destroyed Royal Youth.

Match 6 — Hong Kong Attitude vs Lowkey Esports

Lowkey Esports previously tried their Syndra bot strategy but it didn't work very well since they were lacking the AD damage.

During this match, they finally managed to make it work — notably, thanks to the incredible work of Artifact on his Tristana. The Vietnamese Midlaner reached the 9 kills almost easily.

Hong Kong Attitude couldn't prevent them from taking the Nashor, even though Crash tried to steal the Nashor with his Elise.

League of Legends

DAMWON Gaming take the lead of Group B but the competition is far from being over! Tomorrow will see the teams of Group A compete for the second time.

Will Splyce confirm its lead? Will Clutch Gaming manage to improve their performance?

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