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Harry Potter Magic Awakened: a new Harry Potter mobile game

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: a new Harry Potter mobile game

A new mobile Card/RPG game in the Harry Potter universe? This is what Portkey Games, Warner Bros and NetEase are preparing on iOS and Android! Details in this article.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: a new Harry Potter mobile game

The Chinese company NetEase is currently working on a brand new Harry Potter mobile game. With the help of Warner Bros and Portkey Games, it seems that the game is currently only dedicated to the Chinese public. Will a global release be planned?

Anyway, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a card game and RPG available as a pre-registration on iOS and Android stores in China.

More details coming soon.

  • Official website
  • Interactive site (to pre-register)

As a reminder, Porkey Games is the development studio dedicated exclusively to Harry Potter games

Official Logo - Millenium
Official Logo

Still no news about the Harry Potter RPG leaked last year...


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