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Fortnite partners with TikTok for Emote Royale contest

How can you enter the new Boogie Down Contest in Fortnite Battle Royale? Epic Games is partnering with the social network TikTok to launch a surprising contest. It allows players to invent a dance step that, if selected, will become an emote in the game.

How much is the Ninja skin?

Prominent Fortnite streamer Ninja now has a skin in the game, along with several accessories. All can be purchased individually. Discover their prices in our dedicated article

Ninja skin and Bull Shark head up the Item Shop for today

In the Fortnite Item Shop for today you can get the brand new Ninja skin with its Dual Katanas, and even pull off his signature Ninja Style dance. Other items available include Bull Shark, Mayhem, and Smooth Moves.

Eternals System to be released later this year

Riot Games are back with another Dev Video, loaded with content, trailers, and teasers of the League of Legends year to come. Like the previous video, they even tease some super-secret feature with a riddle...

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