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New World: Jewelcrafting Guide

A crafting skill that will provide you with trinkets and gems to boost your gear, here's all you need to know about the Jewelcrafting Trade Skill in Amazon's New World.

New World: Jewelcrafting Guide

Jewelcrafting is one of the Crafting Trade Skills in Amazon's new MMO, New World.

There's no prerequisite to getting started with this skill, just take the gems and ingots you've refined to an Outfitting Station in a Settlement and off you go.

Be mindful that you'll need a higher level Outfitting Station to refine higher quality gear, so make sure you visit a Settlement which has leveled up its workstations.

Is Jewelcrafting for me?

When it comes to min-maxing your character, mastery over the various gemstones and trinkets will prove invaluable. Jewelcrafting is a skill that will take a lot of time and grinding to max, but ultimately will get more use than just crafting items to sell or occasionally use.

It's a profession which has perfect synergy with the Mining gathering skill and Stonecutting refining skill, being the primary providers of gems and metals for refining.

Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

Should you wish to speed up your progress in Jewelcrafting from 0-200, we've put together a dedicated guide.

New World: Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

From rings to amulets, earrings to trinket components, what's the best way to level up your Jewelcrafting skill in New World? This guide helps budding jewellers reach their maximum potential.

Where to find Jewelcrafting resources

New World

The vast majority of resources needed for Jewelcrafting recipes come from the Mining gathering skill.

Jewelry typically requires two types of resource -- metal for the settings, and gemstones to augment the piece with stat boosts and perks.

Gemstones are the rarest resources you'll need, as they're not a guaranteed drop when mining nodes. Check out our guides on gems and how to increase your chances of getting more.

Jewelcrafting: Most notable items to craft

What to craft depends entirely on your needs within Aeternum, as the many different types of gemstone allow for great flexibility when making items. Generally speaking, the items you'll use yourself are quite limited in scope, and will be one-time crafts.

It may be a good idea to prioritise items that are proving popular on the Trading Post, with Jewelcrafting quite the moneyspinner if played right. Tailor your crafting to specific classes and what they need.

For example, healers can use Carnelian gear to reduce threat, although tanks also use the same gemstones to generate more threat. Therefore, this line could be lucrative.

Another option is to focus on crafting Pearl-based jewelry that increases your chances of rare item drops from chests and monsters. This will play into the next point.

New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

Leveling is a a big part of any MMO, and New World doesn't make it easy with long quest chains and plentiful settlement tasks. We've put together this guide to help you reach max level quickly.


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