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When does Valorant's closed beta end?

When does Valorant's closed beta end?

The official release of Valorant is scheduled for June 2. To prepare this worldwide launch, Riot Games has decided to shutdown the game for four days starting today at 9:00 am (PT).

When does Valorant's closed beta end?

If you're a Valorant player, you should know that the game will undergo a four-day shutdown in order to best prepare for its official release on June 2. This closure of the servers will be used to implement all the new features in addition to resetting player accounts.

Changes from the official game release:

  • Bugs reported by the community will be fixed directly with the game release patch.
  • Your progress in competitive mode will be reset.
  • You'll keep everything you have earned via the player pass.
  • Your purchases in the store won't be kept.
  • Your Valorant Points will be redistributed to you and will also receive a 20% bonus.

If you want to try to pass the VALORANT rank by the end of the closed beta (good luck!) know that you have until 9:00 am (PT) to start a very last game. It's at 10:30 am (PT) that the servers will be definitively offline before reopening on June 2 at a still unknown time.

Changes in Valorant for Jett, Viper and Omen are under discussion

The official release of Valorant is coming soon, and there is some speculation about changes to agents. Last weekend, developer Morello gave some clues, answering questions during a stream.

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