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Capcom announces Capcom Cup 2020 Street Fighter V

Capcom announces Capcom Cup 2020 Street Fighter V

The Fighting Game World Finals don't play out like a classic double-elimination tournament, but begin with a group stage where only the best advance in the event. Capcom 2020 groups on Street Fighter V have been announced.

Capcom announces Capcom Cup 2020 Street Fighter V

There will be 4 groups of five players. The first contains iDom 2019 winner, Caba which will compete in a Capcom Cup for the second time, Takamura, Nephew and SKZ who will participate for the first time. Takamura and Nephew are still used to major tournaments, while SKZ is more of a rookie.

The second group welcomes Dr. Mandrake, Phenom, Pikoro, Daigo and Jiewa. If we no longer present the Beast, his group is quite strong. Jiewa although little known, remains one of the best Chinese players, and has a very good experience of the circuit. However, he has struggled to win each year among the very best players on the planet. It also works for Dr. Mandrake who has never really distinguished himself in an international tournament. Phenom and Pikoro are of a whole different caliber, because even if they are among the very best in their regions, they have already achieved excellent results at international events.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D






Dr. Mandrake















Group C welcomes the 2017 (MenaRD) and 2018 (Gachikun) champions, as well as the veteran Smug whose reputation is well established. Infexious is a rising star of Street Fighter V, and for his second Capcom Cup appearance, the Brit is not to be underestimated. In the midst of these players Rumors will have difficulty qualifying, although the fact that he is little known and that he plays Cody, an unpopular fighter, could allow him to surprise his opponents.

Group D does not contain past winners, but the experience inside this group is nothing to be ashamed of. Xian and Luffy are players who have made the jump from Street Fighter IV to Street Fighter V while remaining among the best in the world. AngryBird meanwhile keeps improving, and although he is less experienced, he has been part of the players elite for years. Samurai and Jah_lexe may have less international experience, but both remain successful competitors on their local stages, and could be able to come out of this group.

The Capcom Cup will take place in Punta Cana from February 19 to 21, 2020.


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