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Fortnite Update and 15.20 Patch Notes

Fortnite Update and 15.20 Patch Notes

All the changes and new features contained in the 15.20 update can be found in this article.

Fortnite Update and 15.20 Patch Notes

Fortnite Patch 15.20 should mean a major overhaul of the metagame, including the arrival of a new shotgun.

We could also learn more about the Battle Pass mystery skin and the conditions for obtaining it. Keep an eye out if you venture on the side of Stealthy Stronghold!

Work in progress!

Epic Games hasn't released full official patch notes for v15.20. We're doing our best to collect all the news and summarize it for you in this article.


Lever Action Shotgun

With the Lever Action Shotgun, a single well-placed shot is enough to bring down the strongest target. Available via ordinary loot.

Fortnite adds the Lever Action Shotgun with Update 15.20

The arrival of a new shotgun in Fortnite can change close range combat, especially for pro players. It's time to take a closer look at the stats of the Lever Action Shotgun.

Hop Rock Dualies

The threat comes from the sky! Surprise your opponents with this exotic new weapon. Line up a few ingots to get your hands on it and strafe the enemy feeling light as a feather.

Hop Rock Dualies is the new Fortnite exotic weapon

Hop Rock Dualies, tradable for gold bars, are the new exotic weapon deployed with Fortnite update 15.20.

Arsenal Updates


  • Plane
  • Snow Fish


  • Rare and Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Lever Action Shotgun

IO Guard updates

These NPCs will now be less noisy, and are more likely to drop healing/shield items when dying!

Something Stirs in the Jungle

Strange things are happening in the forest. The secret battle pass skin is waiting for you, leaving clues at Stealthy Stronghold.

Pre-Edit Options: Redux

With the "disable pre-edit" option checked, all structures will be non-editable until they're placed, ensuring you have the right surface at the right time.

Bug Fixes

  • Flip Reset Lobby Track inadvertently removed from players' Lockers.
  • Multipoint Edge Glider deforming midair.
  • Michonne Outfit visual issues with cape Back Blings.
  • Hypernova Outfit appearing as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in-match.
  • Rebooted players may see an already completed Bounty.
  • Quest progress not instantly updating in the HUD and Quest Log.
  • Broken Pickaxe animations.
  • Voice chat issues on Android.
  • The player loses all movement after jumping through Zero Point.

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

All Fortnite v15.20 skins and cosmetics have been leaked

The deployment of Update 15.20 has enabled dataminers around the world to retrieve unpublished cosmetics files, which will be released in the coming weeks in Fortnite.

Clémence LEMOAL
Clémence "Idril" Lemoal

La Anton Ego du jeu vidéo.

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