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League of Legends 11.9 Patch Notes are here, bringing nerfs to Hecarim

League of Legends 11.9 Patch Notes are here, bringing nerfs to Hecarim

This is the Mid Season patch, and is what the Mid Season Invitational will be played on.

League of Legends 11.9 Patch Notes are here, bringing nerfs to Hecarim

The League of Legends 11.9 Patch Notes are here, and the patch was deployed in the early hours of Wednesday.

This patch it full of tiny changes to base stats and adding scaling, the only real sizable change is to Hecarim.


Diana's Jungle buffs were a little too much. Her Armor Growth is being lowered by 0.5, and her Health Regen is being lowered too.

The Bonus Attack Speed she gains from her (P) Moonsilver Blade is being reduced at early levels too.

Dr. Mundo

In a similar way to Diana, the buffs to put Mundo into the Toplane again were too much.

Both his Armor Growth and Attack Damage Growth has been reduced by 0.5.


Garen's (W) Courage is making him too tanky when combined with Mythic Items, so his (W) passive will give less resistances per stack, but the stack cap has been increased; basically helping to smooth the curve.


Being a triple flex in competitive play, Riot are wanting to take Gragas down a notch. The Base Damage on (E) Body Slam has been lowered at later levels.


One of the larger changes this patch, Hecarim is having some of his base defences lowered, and more scaling put into his abilities to encourage more damage-oriented builds.

Armor lowered but Armor Growth increased to make up for is.
(E) Devastating Charge damage lowered across all levels, both Minimum Base Damage and Maximum Base Damage.
(Q) Rampage is having the Damage Amplification per stack lowered, however it will not scale with his bonus Attack Damage.
(W) Spirit of Dread will also now provide healing which scales with his Bonus Attack Damage. Hecarim will now receive lower healing from damage done by allies too.


Heimer is having the damage lowered on his (W) Hextech Micro-Rockets at all levels.


Apparently it was a bug, but Fishbones was doing 200% splash damage on crits, rather than the intended 175%.


In an attempt to bring the Darkin in line with the Shadow Assassin, the damage modifier on (Q) Reaping Slash is being increased to 65% of Total Attack Damage when in Darkin form.


Cooldown decrease, as well as Base Damage increased at later levels, on (Q) Dance of Arrows.


Kog is having some more power in his utility, with the cost of (E) Void Ooze being decreased by 20 mana at all levels, as well as the resistances reduction on (Q) Caustic Spittle being increased by 5% at all levels.


A buff to (W) Whimsy to help bring Lulu more power early in the game. A slight decrease on cooldown at all levels, as well as increased Bonus Attack Speed when cast on an ally at early levels.


Just like Diana, Morgana was over-tuned for the Jungle. The damage against Monsters is being capped at 185%, from 200%, on her (W) Tormented Shadow.


Rumble was buffed to help him gain power in the Toplane, but now it seems its just made him stronger in the Midlane; where they wanted him to leave.

The on-hit damage from (P) Junkyard Titan is being lowered, with lower scaling too.


Sett was last touched in 10.18 where he was taking over too many roles. They're now bringing him back in line again.

Damage ratio on both (W) Haymaker and (R) The Show Stopper have been increased.


Shen is now gaining more shield on his (R) Stand United, as it will now scale with his Bonus Health; rewarding tanky Shen builds.


Enemies that leave the map (like Elise's (E) Rappel) will now longer gain the benefits from Taric's (W) Bastion tether.

The mana cost on (Q) Starlight's Touch has also been reduced at later levels.


Slow on (E) Pillar of Ice increased at early levels, making up for the nerf in Season 8.


Cooldown on (Q) Transfusion increased at later levels, just to help keep his power in a happy place.


In true 'Riot has a skin coming out soon, better buff the Champion' fashion, Xerath is gaining a couple of buffs.

Base Damage on his (Q) Arcanopulse is being decreased slightly, but the scaling is being increased to 85%.

The Base Damages on (W) Eye of Destruction are also being decreased slightly at early levels, but increased later.

League of Legends Champion Roadmap released

The roadmap has officially been released, mapping out the Champions to come over 2021.

Dead Man's Plate

Clearly, Riot have learnt to no be fans of Movement Speed items; especially with Udyr and Hecarim dominating the meta.

The Health given from Dead Man's is being reduced.

Death's Dance

Death's Dance has been a little too weak, especially when compared to other items.

Attack Damage and Armor increased by 5.

Moonstone Renewer

The recent changes let a little to be desired, so the base healing from Starlit Grace is being increased to 70.

Prowler's Claw

To help with combos, the targeting system has been changed. It now looks for a target in the following order:

Nearest champion within 50 units of the cursor -> nearest non-champion within 50 units of the cursor -> nearest champion within 200 units of cursor -> nearest non-champion within 200 units of cursor.

This is to help with the quick combos, as it previously only targeted enemies directly under the cursor which led to misclicks.

Sunfire Aegis

It has been held back too much, mostly in fear of creating another Sunfire meta, but the Immolate damage is being bumped up.

Turbo Chemtank

Too many engage Junglers are in the meta, and this item is to blame.

The Bonus Movement Speed is being decreased by 20.

Wit's End

Like Death's Dance, this has seemed too niche; and too weak even in the right scenarios.

It is gaining 10 more Attack Damage, and the build path is being changed to include a Long Sword instead of a Dagger, and will also be 50 Gold cheaper; overall cost stays the same.

The Ranked Split is also coming to an end, so players need to get the points needed by May 3rd if they want Split 1's rewards. Split 2 will feature Gwen in the rewards.

The Damwon Gaming Worlds Skins are due to release on April 29th, along with the Conqueror Jax skin.

The DAMWON Gaming World Championship skins have arrived on the PBE

We can now see in-game what the tribute to the 2020 League of Legends World Champions looks like.

League of Legends' MSI skin will be for Jax

The new Conqueror skin is getting a new look compared to its previous renditions.

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