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Fortnite players are being abducted by Aliens, as UFOs arrive on the Island

Fortnite players are being abducted by Aliens, as UFOs arrive on the Island

The new alien theme to Fortnite has reached a new milestone, as they become a threat. Players are reportedly being abducted by UFOs in-game.

Fortnite players are being abducted by Aliens, as UFOs arrive on the Island

With the new season of Fortnite just days away, Epic has added more to the game's narrative as they continue their tease of aliens arriving.

We've had crop circles appear in-game, and mysterious clues and cryptic messages in the real world, but now players are reporting UFOs descending and abducting them from around Risky Reels.

While players aren't able to see their abductors nor the inside of the UFO, they do see the beam.

The player is surrounded by light, which gradually gets brighter and brighter, before going completely white. When the light fades, players find themselves in a new area, lying on the floor.

The chances of this happening is slim, but it does mean players are gathering around Risky Reels just asking to be eliminated.

This gradual addition of UFOs and aliens is building up to the climax of Fortnite's Primal season, and the start of Season Seven. Season Six is due to end on June 7, 2021, with the next Season starting the day after.

We'll just have to wait until next week to see how Epic plans to kick this one off, as they usually have a grand show planned.

Fortnite players receive "They're Coming" Postcards and DVDs

Although it isn't confirmed to be Fortnite related yet, it matches the symbols and quests found within the game.

Fortnite adds Mistborn character Kelsier

The half-skaa thief from Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series has been added to Fortnite, and comes with several accessories.

Crop circles appear at Fortnite's Colossal Crops, in the latest stage of "They're Coming" campaign

As players still try to understand the coded messages that have been sent out, as well as the phone recordings, some were able to decrypt files to find crop circles designs. These designs have since been added to Fortnite.


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