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WoW Classic: The Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

WoW Classic: The Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

Argent Dawn is a faction of World of Warcraft Classic. With this guide we will teach you how to get a good reputation with them and what you can expect in return.

WoW Classic: The Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

Argent Dawn is a faction in World of Warcraft Classic. You can improve your reputation with this faction by completing quests. You can find this members of the Argent Dawn in the Eastern Plaguelands, in Light's Hope Chapel.


Neglect this faction at your peril! Reaching Exalted with the Argent Dawn will allow you to enter Naxxramas for free. This will also let you access T3 set quests!

Reputation levels in WoW Classic

  • Exalted: Maximum level of reputation that gives access to specific interactions (e.g. buying mounts)
  • Revered: Excellent level of reputation that gives access to additional and better quests
  • Honored: Reputation level that allows you to have 10% discount on purchases from faction vendors
  • Friendly: Standard level of reputation
A Brief History Of

The Argent Dawn is an organisation that makes no distinction between the Alliance and the Horde, instead focusing on uniting people behind a common cause: fighting evil. The Argent Dawn constantly strives to recruit members to their cause, and against all odds the number of members wearing an Argent Dawn Commission increases day by day. Members of the faction are very receptive to those that either help them combat the corruption of the Scourge, or fight against the Lich King in Scholomance, Stratholme, and Naxxramas.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Earning Reputation With the Argent Dawn

In World of Warcraft Classic there are several different ways to earn reputation. Here is a short list of ways to increase your reputation with the Argent Dawn:

  • From Neutral to Friendly: Defeat any undead in the Eastern Plaguelands
  • From Friendly to Honored: Defeat any Elite undead in the Eastern Plaguelands or in Dungeons
  • From Honored to Revered: Defeat undead Bosses
  • From Revered to Exalted: Complete the Healthy Dragon Scale and Target: Gahrron's Withering quests

If you are looking for gear, we recommend that complete these quests which will also give you additional reputation points: Superior Armaments of Battle - Friend of the Dawn and Epic Armaments of Battle - Friend of the Dawn

It's also a good idea to farm both Scholomance and Stratholme in order to obtain as much of the following items as possible: Minion's Scourgestones, Invader's Scourgestones and Corruptor's Scourgestones.

Reputation rewards of the Argent Dawn


Enriched Manna Biscuit


Recipe: Transmute Air to Fire

Pattern: Argent Boots

Pattern: Dawn Treaders

Plans: Girdle of the Dawn

Formula: Powerful Anti-Venom

Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration


Plans: Gloves of the Dawn

Pattern: Golden Mantle of the Dawn

Pattern: Argent Shoulders

Blessed Sunfruit

Blessed Sunfruit Juice

Formula: Enchant Bracer - Healing

Arcane Mantle of the Dawn

Flame Mantle of the Dawn

Shadow Mantle of the Dawn

Nature Mantle of the Dawn

Frost Mantle of the Dawn


Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn

Once you are Revered or Exalted with the Argent Dawn, you'll be able to venture into Naxxramas to meet Master Craftsman Omarion, who can you sell patterns for exclusive gear!

Master Tailors:

  • Glacial Wrists
  • Glacial Gloves
  • Glacial Vest
  • Glacial Cloak

Master Leatherworkers:

  • Polar Bracers
  • Polar Gloves
  • Polar Tunic
  • Icy Scale Bracers
  • Icy Scale Gauntlets
  • Icy Scale Breastplate

Master Blacksmiths:

  • Icebane Bracers
  • Icebane Gauntlets
  • Icebane Breastplate

We hope this guide has helped you understand more about how to improve your reputation with the Argent Dawn!


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