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WoW Classic: Herbalism Leveling Guide

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WoW Classic: Herbalism Leveling Guide

Herbalism is one of 12 Professions in World of Warcraft Classic. It's generally one of the best ways to make a profit without having to spend a lot of money to do so. Follow our advice to get the most out of nature.

WoW Classic: Herbalism Leveling Guide

Herbalism is one of 12 Professions in World of Warcraft: Classic. The easiest way to start learning Herbalism is to simply talk to a guard in any Capital City. They will give you directions to an Herbalism Trainer who will help you get started.

It is important to note that you can only train your Herbalism skill with herbalists corresponding to your skill level.

Herbalism combines nicely with Alchemy, providing easy access to crafting materials, or with another gathering profession, like Mining or Skinning.

Why Choose Herbalism?

Herbalism is very useful for every class in the game, especially if you want to create potions for your adventures.

It's a good idea to combine Herbalism with Alchemy, which allows for potions to be created.

You can also earn money from Alchemy if you decide to sell your potions at the Auction House.

Herbalism Trainer Locations

Rank & Skill Level


Apprentice (Level 1-75)

Any Capital City

Journeyman (Level 75-150)

Any Capital City

Expert (Level 150-225)

Any Capital City

Artisan (Level 225-300)

Any Capital City

How to Level your Herbalism Skill



Gather these herbs until Level 70

Herbs: Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot

Alliance Zone: Elwynn Forest

Horde Zone: Tirisfal Glades

Elywnn Forest - World of Warcraft: Classic
Elywnn Forest
Tirisfal Glades - World of Warcraft: Classic
Tirisfal Glades



To become a Journeyman herbalist, gather these herbs until Level 115

Herbs: Bruiseweed, Briarthorn, Mageroyal

Alliance Zone: Darkshore

Horde Zone: Hillsbrad Foothills

Darkshore - World of Warcraft: Classic
Hillsbrad Foothills - World of Warcraft: Classic
Hillsbrad Foothills



To become an Expert herbalist, gather these herbs until Level 115

Herbs: Goldthorn, Khadgar's Whisker, Fadeleaf, Kingsblood

Contested Zone: Feralas and Western Plaguelands

Feralas - World of Warcraft: Classic
Western Plaguelands - World of Warcraft: Classic
Western Plaguelands



To become an Artisan herbalist, gather these herbs until Level 255

Herbs: Sungrass, Plaguebloom

Contested Zone: Thousand Needles and Eastern Plaguelands

Thousand Needles - World of Warcraft: Classic
Thousand Needles
Eastern Plaguelands - World of Warcraft: Classic
Eastern Plaguelands

Note: Plaguebloom can only be gathered at Level 285 and can be found in Western Plaguelands and Felwood.



Gather these herbs until Level 300

Herbs: Golden Sansam, Gromsblood, Purple Lotus, Dreamfoil, Plaguebloom

Contested Zone: Swamp of Sorrows and Felwood

Swamp of Sorrows - World of Warcraft: Classic
Swamp of Sorrows
Felwood - World of Warcraft: Classic

It's up to you to choose between these last two farming locations, depending on which herbs you need for you high level potions, which themselves can be used for dungeons, raids, and even PvP. It's also possible to use your Herbalism skill to make money by gathering plants to later sell at the Auction House.

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WoW Classic: Profession Tier List

World of Warcraft: Classic has a number of professions to choose from, from crafting armour with Blacksmithing and Leatherworking to farming materials with Herbalism and Minning. With something for everyone, here is our Classic Profession tier list.

Written by Effylia, Translated from the French by Millenium.

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