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WoW Classic: Class Tier List
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Discover our guide to the classes in World of Warcraft: Classic. We take a look at each class, including Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior, and look at what you can expect from each and how they match up.

WoW Classic: Class Tier List

What are the best classes in Classic?

In WoW Classic you'll have the opportunity to explore Azeroth as one of 9 classes, each with three unique Talent Trees to choose from — with Druid the only exception, as they can perform all four roles with just three Talent Trees. In this guide, we look to rank the classes based on ease of play for people trying Classic for the first time.

Below you will find links to the three tiers of this guide: Easy, Neutral and Hard. This is all highly subjective — some classes may have an easier time early on in the game, and others may be easier at level 60. We will attempt to rank the classes as an overall package, including all specs.

Tier list

The Easy

Hunter, Mage, Rogue

The Neutral

Warlock, Priest, Warrior

The Hard

Druid, Shaman, Paladin

An Orc Shaman in Orgrimmar - World of Warcraft: Classic
An Orc Shaman in Orgrimmar
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