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WoW Classic: Warrior Class Guide

WoW Classic: Warrior Class Guide

World of Warcraft: Classic guide to the Warrior class. We take a look at all 3 specs, from tanking on Protection to DPSing with Arms and Fury. We give you an overview below.

WoW Classic: Warrior Class Guide

In WoW Classic the Warrior is a strong class, be it with a 2-Handed Sword, dual-wielding or a shield. The Warrior has all the tools required to get the job done, and with their plate armour post- level 40, they can take a fair few hits before requiring assistance. With three solid specs in Protection, Fury and Arms, Warriors are in a good place to dominate the melee DPS pool.


The Warrior — master of arms, protector of the weak, and a furious fighter. While their main strength is in tanking, the Warrior is more-than-able to hold their own in melee DPS. In PvP the Warrior takes on the mantle of an unstoppable player-slayer, especially when paired with a pocket healer.

Available to: All Races
Type: Main Tank, Melee DPS
Standard Bars: Health/Rage
Available Armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate (level 40), Shields
Available Weapons: All (excluding wands)


It's impossible to think of a raid group in Classic World of Warcraft without seeing a Warrior tank leading the charge. Though other classes can tank, no one really does what the Prot Warrior can do. As for PvP, you'll certainly be a solid flag-runner and you won't go down without a fight. We'd probably advise you not to level using the spec, though, unless you intend on doing a lot of dungeons.


Arms is your go-to spec if you want to DPS as a Warrior. While it lacks overall in PvE, it holds its own against other melee classes. The spec will thrive in PvP, but you might want to find a healer friend to tag along with — partnered with a healer, the Arms Warrior is one of the best of the lot.


Fury is far from a bad spec — in fact, it's probably on a par with Arms in PvP. The issue rears its head when you look at PvE content, and then the gap starts to show. The advantage of the two Warrior specs is that they share weapons, so you can easily try out both specs as you please. You can also use the dual-wielding spec if you so choose, but as with most things when it comes to the Warrior, the talents/spec are very gear-dependent.

Best race for Warrior in Classic



Racial Trait



Blood Fury



Shadow Resistance
Touch of the Grave
Will of the Forsaken



Beast Slaying
Da Voodoo Shuffle



Nature Resistance
War Stomp



Racial Trait



The Human Spirit



Might of the Moutain
Frost Resistance


Night Elf

Touch of Elune
Nature Resistance
Wisp Spirit



Escape Artist
Nimble Fingers
Arcane Resistance
Engineering Specialization
Expansive Mind

Warrior Abilities in Classic

Main Abilities

Battle Stance

Assumes a balanced combat stance that generates rage when the warrior is hit, as well as when the warrior strikes an opponent. Lasts until cancelled.

Battle Stance is the default stance you'll play as a Warrior. The stance will see you gain a moderate amount of rage when you hit or take hits. While this stance is standard, it's the one you'll also be using the most.

Defensive Stance

A defensive combat stance. Decreases damage taken by 10% and damage caused by 10%. Increases threat generated.

Defensive Stance is the way you'll tank — without it you might struggle to stay alive. More importantly, you might have trouble keeping aggro on the mob.

Berserker Stance

An aggressive stance. Critical hit chance is increased by 3% and all damage taken is increased by 10%.

If you want to deal out the damage and don't mind getting hit back 10% harder, this is the stance for you. It's certainly situational and far from the best option most of the time, but sometimes you just have to live a little.


Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.

If a target is not attacking you as you want them to, then you need to hit Taunt. Just remember that it won't have any effect on a target already hitting you.


Instantly overpower the enemy, causing weapon damage plus 5. Only useable after the target dodges. The Overpower cannot be blocked, dodged or parried.

Requires Battle Stance, but will be a key spell while you spend time in that stance. As mentioned above, you'll get Overpower once you dodge an attack. Thankfully, the attack itself cannot be avoided by the enemy.


The warrior will cause critical hits with most attacks and will be immune to Fear effects for the next 15 sec, but all damage taken is increased by 20%.

The key cooldown for Berserker Stance, you'll enter a fit of pure reckless abandon, getting critical strikes with almost all spells and making you immune to fear. You will, however, take 20% increased damage.

Probably the best combination

Good for world PvP

Blacksmithing + Mining - Probably the best combination, especially for getting gear while levelling.

Engineering + Mining - Equally as good as Blacksmithing — rather than crafting your own armour, you'll be able to make a selection of useful (and sometimes useless) gadgets and toys.

Warrior Class trainer location in Classic

World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
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