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WoW Classic: Mage Class Guide

WoW Classic: Mage Class Guide

World of Warcraft: Classic guide to the Mage class. We take a look at all 3 specs, whether DPSing with Frost, DPSing with Fire or even DPSing with Arcane — if you play a Mage, you'll be throwing a lot of magic about. We give you an overview below.

WoW Classic: Mage Class Guide

The Mage — the Frostbolt throwing, crowd control and magic damage master of WoW Classic. Probably one of the most complete classes in the game with 3 strong specs, Frost will stand out out as the likely king of the specs. Fire and Arcane can more than hold their own, however, meaning you can't go wrong with the cloth-wearing flinger of spells.


The Mage is the standard World of Warcraft spellcaster, with the ability to wield Fire, Frost and Arcane magic. Mages are one of the classes whose difficulty and likelihood of group play can depend massively on the spec.

Available to: Gnome, Undead, Humans, Troll
Type: Ranged Magic Damage Dealer
Standard Bars: Health/Mana
Available Armor: Cloth
Available Weapons: Staves, Unarmed, Wands, Daggers, One-Handed Swords


Frost really is the boss when it comes to Mage specs. It will top the list in PvP, PvE and solo content, and it's also the spec you should use to level. You have plenty of shielding and ways to escape, plus constant slows of mobs will even allow you to tackle more difficult foes.


Fire is when Mage gets fun. The heavy crit-burst nature of the spec means you will blow up enemies quickly. Sadly, the downfall of the spec is in its cooldownsc — and the fact you'll be doing a lot of sitting around waiting until you can one-shot a mob again.


Arcane is a decent spec, and is by no means terrible. Sadly, when compared to its better siblings Frost and Fire, it fails to pack enough of a punch to make it as viable as either of the other two at any of the four major aspects of the game. The spec will likely be the one in which you spend some of your 15-21 spare talents, after going Frost or Fire.

Best race for Mage in Classic



Racial Trait



Shadow Resistance
Touch of the Grave
Will of the Forsaken



Beast Slaying
Da Voodoo Shuffle



Racial Trait



The Human Spirit



Escape Artist
Nimble Fingers
Arcane Resistance
Engineering Specialization
Expansive Mind

Mage Abilities in Classic

Main Abilities


Teleports the caster 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Also frees the caster from stuns and bonds.

This is one of the Mage's most iconic spells. Not only does it teleport you 20 yards, it will remove stuns and roots — making it pretty handy.

Presence of Mind

When activated, your next Mage spell with a casting time less than 10 sec becomes an instant cast spell.

Presence of Mind is what makes Arcane the spec it is, allowing you to cast any spell instantly. Sadly, its 3-minute cooldown means its uses are limited to certain situations, but you'll find it very handy if you enjoy PvP.


Your critical strikes from Fire damage spells cause the target to burn for an additional 40% of your spell's damage over 4 sec.

This is what makes Fire such a good spec. With the higher-than-normal critical strike chance that Fire has over other specs, this passive spell will proc often — causing immense amounts of damage in AoE situations.

Winter's Chill

Gives your Frost damage spells a 100% (at rank 5) chance to apply the Winter's Chill effect, which increases the chance a Frost spell will critically hit the target by 2% for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

Winter's Chill is a core part of the Frost Mage kit. Found on the second-to-last row of the talent tree, this passive is a game-changer once you reach it.

Best Professions for Mage in Classic

Best for making gold

Best for gearing

Alchemy + Herbalism - The best combination if you either want to make gold by selling potions and herbs or just want to save some gold by making your own potions.

Enchanting + Tailoring - This is the ideal combination for gearing, while also making a bit of money on the side. Tailoring will see you turn cloth from the world into cloth gear, which you can either use or disenchant with Enchanting to earn some gold by selling enchantments.

Mage Class Trainer Location in Classic

World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic
Millenium Rédaction

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