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WoW Classic: Combat Rogue Guide

WoW Classic: Combat Rogue Guide

For WoW Classic Patch 1.12, we present the complete guide to the Combat Rogue spec. Here, we explain Talents, Rotation, Statistics, Equipment and Professions.

WoW Classic: Combat Rogue Guide

The Combat Rogue in WoW Classic is the ruthless fighter, using cunning and agility to confront its foes head-on.

Tier S (PvE) Tier B (PvP)

The Combat Rogue is considered to be the DPS for groups in PvE. As a result, they're usually much better equipped than their peers. It has, in addition to its unparalleled DPS, all the assets of the classic Rogue, namely the Stealth, the Sap, Blind and Distract, making them indispensable both in raid and in dungeons.

In PvP, the Combat Rogue is quite viable (and even monstrous if you have powerful weapons) but does not compete very much with the Subtelty or Assassination in this area. Therefore, this guide is mainly intended PvE.

One of the best PvE DPS
Very consistant damage
Simple and effective gameplay
Good cleave
Great group utility
Ok in PvP
Weaker burst than other specs
Lacks self-healing
Lacks AoE in groups of more than 3 enemies
Very auto attack focused spec


Daggers 15/31/5 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Daggers 15/31/5

The Daggers build is generally badly perceived by the players because it relies on the constant use of Backstab. This ability inflicts less damage that Sinister Strike and costs more energy, making it difficult to maintain Slice and Dice constantly. Nevertheless, the most experienced Rogues will know that this is the most powerful build of Patch 1.12.

It is also interesting to note that since most Rogues play with the Sword Build shown below, there will never be enough one-handed swords of interest to all of these players. Playing with daggers allows you to steal the most powerful daggers easily since you are one of the only ones to play this build, and therefore reach your full potential much faster than your fellow sword users (unless they all read this guide, of course)

Swords 19/32/0 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Swords 19/32/0

The Sword build is by far the most popular among Raiders: Not only does it have a great DPS, but it also easily adapts to most fights. This is the build to choose by default unless you are very experienced if so, be sure to check the above Daggers build, or you want to try the Expose Armor build which you can find next.

Expose Armour 19/32/0 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Expose Armour 19/32/0

Let's be honest: the Exposing armour build is the least damaging and at first glance not at all interesting. However, one of the Raiders in each raid group must play this build in order to bring the Improve Expose Armour skill to all Melee DPS, as well as to the Tanks, increasing their DPS significantly.

Note: The Sunder Armour Warriors have is a higher priority than Expose Armor as the two do not stack. However, with the Improved Expose Armour, Exposure Armor becomes more powerful than Sunder Armor and thus takes its place in the list of debuffs that can be applied to creatures first. (The Warrior can still cast Sunder Armour to gain threat, but the debuff will not show on the boss)

Stat priority

Critical Strike> Hit (8% Cape)> Attack Power> Agility> Strength

Rotation and main skills

Important note: There is no real rotation in PvP. However, in most cases following the one presented below should guarantee you almost certainly the victory against players with no trinket or those uncomfortable in PvP. The rule is simple in PvP: Improvise, adapt, overcome.


  1. Keep Slice and Dice active all the time, no matter how many combo points you use,
  2. Spend your combo points on Evisceration with as many combo points as you want while S&D is active,
  3. Generate combo points using Sinister Strike to cast Debt if it is not active or Eviscerates.


  1. Keep Slice and Dice active all the time, ideally with 5 combo points,
  2. Generate combo points using Backstab to cast S&D before it fades.


Evasion is an excellent defensive CD as it greatly increases your chances of dodging attacks from in front of you. Be careful though, only melee attacks from a radius of about 180 degrees in front of you can be dodged, and being stunned or any other CC makes you vulnerable even under Evasion.

Blade Flurry

Blade Flurry

Blade Flurry is the main attacking CD of Combat Rogue. It will greatly increase the damage on a single target, but also formidable in cleave since your attacks affect an additional target.

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush, though having a 5-minute cooldown, is a powerful offensive CD that allows the Rogue to not worry too much about his available energy for 15 seconds.


Poisons are one of the many unique aspects of the Rogue. Here are our recommendations:

  • Instant Poison: The poison you must choose by default in most situations. Apply it on your two weapons in PvE during short to medium duration battles, and almost permanently in PvP,
  • Deadly Poison: This poison is more effective in long or very long combat and is therefore only useful in high-level PvE,
  • Crippling Poison: Although theoretically very interesting in PvP, it is actually rare because you kill your target before it escapes in most cases, so you will not have to slow it down. Very situational in PvP nearly useless PvE,
  • Mind-numbing Poison: Useless in PvE, it has a real strength in PvP against casters (in particular the Mage which is likely to be a problem), however, it's not a must-have to overcome them. Very situational in PvP, useless in PvE,
  • Wound Poison: Useless in most situations in PvE, has its utility in BG or World PvP group. In solo, it is to be avoided except rare situations. Situational in PvP, useless in PvE.

Best Race For Combat Rogue



The Orc is great in PvE as in PVP thanks to its racial Blood Fury. Finally, Hardness gives them a clear advantage over other races in PvP.


The real interest of the Undead, besides his incredible style, is the Will of the Forsaken which is excellent in PvP. Apart from that, Cannibalism is interesting in levelling. The only interest they have in PvE is that they have a base of slightly more points of Intelligence and Spirit than other races.


Night Elf

In addition to Quickness giving them a slight gain in survival, Rogue benefits from being Night Elf especially thanks to its Shadowmeld in the shade allowing them to greatly improve the effectiveness of his Stealth.


The Human has serious assets making it potentially better than the Orc depending on the chosen build: Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization, Diplomacy is also great when grinding reputation, and Perception is very usefull in PvP.

WoW Classic: Race Tier List

World of Warcraft: Classic has a number of races to choose from, and making that choice has long-term consequences. You don't want to regret your choice later, so we've broken down the races in our tier list for WoW: Classic.



If you follow our advice for the choice of trades, Skinning is an excellent choice because if you choose Leatherworking you can be almost self-sufficient. And, even if you do not choose Leatherworking, it allows you to farm components for high-level craftable armour.


The Engineer is the best choice by default as it's great in both PvE and PvP. From Goblin Sapper Charge to the Arcanite Dragonling to the Dense Dynamite, everything about this role will always be useful!


The real interest of Leatherworking is in the craftingof high-level pre-raid armour, including the Devilsaur Armour set.

WoW Classic: Rogue Class Guide

World of Warcraft: Classic guide to the Rogue class. We take a look at all 3 specs — Assassination, Combat and Subtlety. We'll explore the specs and reveal how you can harness them to your will. We give you an overview below.

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