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WoW Classic: Elemental Shaman Guide

WoW Classic: Elemental Shaman Guide

For the Patch 1.12 of WoW Classic, we propose to you to discover the complete guide of the Elemental Shaman. Talents, Rotation, Statistics, Equipment and Trades are explained to you.

WoW Classic: Elemental Shaman Guide

Elemental Shaman in WoW Classic is the not the most popular spec, but it has its place.

Tier C (PvE) Tier S (PvP)

In WoW Classic, the Elemental Shaman is a viable specialization only in PvP since it does not synergize with any other class (or almost) in raids. It may find its place pending but will never be chosen ahead of a Mage or Shadow Priest. On the other hand, it is one of the biggest burst in PvP and they're the king of premade BGs or organized World PvP sessions.

Since this specialization is practically unplayable in PvE, this guide is intended primarily for PvP purposes.

Great PvP burst
Many totems to adapt to any situation
Simple gameplay
Good mobility
Can purge enemy buffs
Requires good skill in PvP
Cannot dispel magic
Terrible in PvE
Horde only


Elemental PvP 30/0/21 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Elemental PvP 30/0/21

The idea of ​​this build is rather simple: to guarantee you an ability to survive your opponent's damage, while allowing you to inflict extremely heavy damage. With this build, you should have no mana problems or survival problems, you will be the king (or queen) of all WoW Classic BGs.

Stats to prioritize

Spell Power> Intelligence> Stamina> Critical Spell Strike> Mana every 5 seconds> Spirit

Rotation and abilities

There is no precise rotation for Elemental Shaman, especially because it is a purely PvP oriented specialization. However, you should use Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning most of the time (if not all the time), and especially abuse your Purge.

Outside of this mini-rotation, use your Flame Shock, Frost Shock, and Earth Shock at Rank 1 only as support ( Fire Shock to prevent an enemy from coming out of combat for example, Frost Shock to slow down an enemy and Earth Shock to kick). However, keep the maximum of these three spells at hand in case the death of an opponent depends only on one of these spells.

Regarding totems, never place totems buffing the allies, this is not your role. Always use these except for specific situations:

  • Stoneskin Totem (or Stoneclaw Totem if you suspect that a camouflaged player is in the vicinity, the taunt removes the stealth),
  • Searing Totem (Rank 1);
  • Poison Cleansing Totem ,
  • Grounding Totem.

Totems are an integral part of the Shaman's kit and make it extremely powerful, especially when in a group or raid. With a total of 2 Totems all very specific, the Shaman is a real mat that can fit into any group by bringing him buffs as diverse as powerful!



Reincarnation is nothing less than the Shaman's ability to come back to life after being killed once every hour. What more can I add, except that it is extremely powerful?

Nature's Swiftness

Nature's Swiftness

Very useful in PvE and PvP, Nature's Swiftness is usually coupled with a Rank 10 Healing Wave to save a heavily injured player (often you by the way) or to execute a heavily wounded enemy on the ground by using an instant Chain Lightning.

Best Race For Elemental Shaman



The Orc is great in PvE as in PVP thanks to its racial Blood Fury. Finally, Hardness gives them a clear advantage over other races in PvP. Small mention of Command maybe


The Berserker is rather powerful for SPEC, it makes Troll one of the best races if you plan to play SPEC. Special mention for Beast Slaying which is useful for leveling or farming.

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