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How to fully enjoy Cyberpunk 2077

In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we'll cover a few tips to help make getting started in Night City as pleasant as possible.

How to fully enjoy Cyberpunk 2077

Much has been said about the controversy surrounding CD Projekt and the tumultuous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 in recent days, even if it means forgetting the very good game it can be if the right conditions are met. After Death Stranding or The Last of Us 2, a new recent AAA production divides the players and this time, in rather unprecedented proportions. But rather than putting a part back in the machine, let's focus on those who still intend to discover the world made by CDPR, with some tips to make the most of this game, to say the least... strange.

Cyberpunk 2077 Beginners guide with tips and tricks

If you aren't familiar with RPGs, here are some help and tips to get you started in Night City. Difficulty mode, character creation, attributes, progression, we go through it all in this Cyberpunk Getting Started Guide.


In this article we will mainly address those who can enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 under acceptable conditions, on PS5 and Xbox Series X or even better, on PC. If you only have "one" first-generation PS4 or Xbox One, then all you have to do is take your trouble patiently, try to get your money back, or simply accept the result and hang on to the story and its characters (very successful incidentally). The next-gen visual experience does exist, but it's currently reserved for only a handful of privileged, equipped with RTX30xx.

How to refund Cyberpunk 2077

The current-gen launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has been met with a range of technical issues, leading CD Projekt Red to issue an apology. For those who would like a refund, here's how you can claim.

Know where you are stepping

Now that the feedback has probably managed to temper your expectations of the game (see our PC review), you are now better prepared to accept the fact that you won't be seeing the RPG of the decade emerge: CP2077 has a breathtaking universe, capable of immersing you as rarely you have been, but the unheard of always touches the ordinary.

Everything that is related to the narration, the staging, or even the writing of the game is clearly worth a look, it's a great spectacle, but ultimately very far from the usual expectations of RPG players. The impactful choices are few (fortunately the endings catch up), and the gameplay clearly gives the advantage to pure action. Finally, on the structure side, we are on a "GTA-style" approach, with many points of interest and missions to seek out from key characters in the story. Basically, if you want the "real" RPG, you can go back and wait for Baldur's Gate 3.

What are the best attributes in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 gives the choice between many elements to customize V's powers. Choosing where to place his/her points requires some thought.

Improve performance on PCs and consoles

PC players, we recommend that you watch this video of settings by Digital Foundry, the leaders of the discipline. This should normally allow you to achieve optimized perf with minimal visual loss. We have also prepared a guide for you with some PC and console optimization tips to make the game more stable and clean. Remember that this is all subject to regular changes thanks to the patches promised by CDPR.

Take a quick interest in progress

There is a lot to do and see in Cyberpunk's menus and submenus, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself as soon as possible with the interface, attributes, gear and everything else : it's a nice mess, more ergonomics leaves something to be desired, so you might as well take your marks when the loot load is suitable during the game's prologue. Below, a guide that should allow you to nab an excellent weapon, very quickly in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to get the best handgun, Skippy

Skippy, Cyberpunk 2077's best handgun is up for you to grab, and here's its location.

Night City, the rough diamond

Make your journeys on foot, wander around and take the time to experience the places like a tourist, because Night City is the best Cyberpunk has to offer. Each district of the city has its own identity, with dozens of different NPCs with marked attitudes. All of these micro-details set in motion on the screen and the absolutely phenomenal taf of artistic direction, make this city a truly special place. Oh, and while we're there: not all points of interest are marked on the map. Well-hidden play areas contain valuable equipment, but this story is saved for a future guide.

Cyberpunk 2077 photo mode detailed in new video

Like most open-world games these days, Cyberpunk 2077 will come with a photo mode. CD Projekt Red have detailed this essential addition in a new video.

Don't settle for the main story

Much like Skyrim, just focusing on the main storyline will cause you to miss out on a lot. The game has a lot of stories to tell you, it would be a shame not to meet them. Plus, these side missions mesh perfectly with the rest of the storytelling, so you'll be able to learn more about many characters. Along the same lines, complete as many optional objectives as possible and exhaust all blue lines of dialogue to support your knowledge of Night City as much as possible.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to unlock the good ending of the Happy Together mission

The Happy Together side mission will asks you to help one of your neighbors, Barry, who is depressed. You'll have to choose specific dialogue options and perform specific actions to avoid a tragic outcome.

Replayability and game ends

If you're going to see absolutely EVERYTHING, you'll have to wake up early. Already, the many endings of the game may occupy you several hours of additional play, then there are the quest variants according to your choices in the adventure, or even the romances, which are only accessible in their entirety, only by performing a reroll of the opposite sex. In short, if you stick to the proposal of CP2077, don't stay on your end, it would be wasted.

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