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WoW Classic: Holy Paladin Guide

WoW Classic: Holy Paladin Guide

For the Patch 1.12 of WoW Classic, we propose to you to discover the complete guide of the Holy Paladin. Talents, Rotation, Statistics, Equipment and Trades are explained to you.

WoW Classic: Holy Paladin Guide

Holy Paladin in WoW Classic is the ultimate tanky healer, using Holy light to protect their allies.

Tier A (PvE) Tier S (PvP)

Holy specialization is the flagship specialization of the Paladin. Very balanced in both PvE and PvP, it gives Them versatility and utility that few classes have. It is an excellent Heal spec but only for single-target, so they must be assisted by Priests for the management of the raid as a whole, but it's also a good DPS since it is an integral part of their gameplay.

In PvP, they're very comfortable and can easily hold theirown as both a flag bearer and as a healer of small scattered groups. Your Allied casters will love you for Concentration Aura!

Excellent healer in PvE and PvP
Plate makes them hard to kill
Many seals for utility
Decent DPS without harming healing output
Blessing are great for utility
Very single target heal focused
Alliance only


Standard PvE 35/11/5 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Standard PvE 35/11/5

This is basically the standard build that any Holy Paladin should choose if not assigned to the Concentration Aura or Blessing of Sanctuary groups. It effectively improves the effect of all blessings while having the ability to play with Holy Shock .

Concentration Aura 32/19/0 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Concentration Aura 32/19/0

This build is identical to the previous build with the only exception that the only aura you will be asked to use is the Concentration Aura through your Improve Concentration Aura talent, is taken at the expense of Lasting Judgement.

Blessing of Santuary PvE 30/21/0 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Blessing of Santuary PvE 30/21/0

Much more different than the two previous builds, this one is more focused on "Trash mobs", or it can be useful against bosses with very high attack speed. You lose the Holy Shock and a point in Unyielding Faith for the Blessing of the Sanctuary to buff the group of Tanks and drastically reduce the damage they suffer while increasing their generation of threat.

Note: This build is very important but is not recommended if your group has a Protection Paladin as it is supposed to place the Sanctuary Blessing on the Tanks group.

Concentration Aura PvP 32/19/0 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Concentration Aura PvP 32/19/0

Finally, the most optimal PvP build for Holy Paladin! It removes all unnecessary PvP skills, such as Precision, for much more defensive talent such as Shield Specialization . However, it guarantees you access to the Holy Shock, of course, and it is recommended to play under the effect of the Aura of concentration since very powerful in PvP, thanks to the Improved concentration.

Stats to Prioritize

Intelligence> Healing Power> Critical Spell Strike> Mana every 5 seconds

Rotation and Spells

There is no priority, strictly speaking, as a healer. However, here are the spells you should use as well as in what situations. Respect the rank of each proposed spell, mana is a real problem for WoW Classic, using a lower rank spell allows you to save mana without sacrificing healing.

  • Flash of Light: Your basic healing spell, you will use it all the time. Use only Rank 4 and Rank 6 based on damage to your target and the mana you have left.
  • Holy Light : This is your "big" healing spell of which you will only use Rank 6 and Rank 9, the first one being reserved for players with few hit points and a lot of damage incoming, while you will use the second one on a target with high maximum health (the Tanks typically) and having taken heavy damage.
  • Holy Shock: Use if critical heal is required on a target while on the move. Always use Rank 3.
  • Lay on Hands: The Paladin's "Panic button", only use it in case of extreme urgency, if you have no other solution to heal a target. Ideally, do not use it on yourself since you have access to the Divine Shield when needed, prefer a Tank more often.

Additional details:

If you are in the Tanks group, be sure to be close to them to give them the benefit of your Devotional Aura.
Abuse your Judgment coupled with the Seal of Wisdom (for raiding mana) or the Seal of Light (to heal the raid a little).
Ideally, make sure to be in melee and abuse your auto attacks, especially since they reset the duration of the seal from which you released the power with Judgment.


The Blessings are, like the Auras presented below, one of the flagship assets of the Paladin. They allow a Paladin to buff one or more allies with powerful bonuses, such as the Blessing of Salvation, or Blessing of Might!

Divine Shield

Divine Shield

The Divine Shield allows the Paladin to fully immunize for a few seconds at the cost of a greatly reduced attack speed. Very convenient in case of normally deadly damage! You can also use your Hearthstone whilst inside the bubble for a speedy getaway.


The Paladin has at its disposal 5 auras. He can only use one at a time but this allows him to buff all the group's allies with a powerful situational bonus: Aura of Retribution for example.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is the ultimate spell of thePaladin, allowing them to sacrifice themselves in order to fully immunize a player but puts them out of action for 3 minutes, by preventing it from doing anything. You will die using this ability, but you allow this player to survive and so (if you chose) to resurrect all your allies one by one, saving a lot of time for the whole raid.

Note: Always carry Symbol of Divinity with you since each spell of this spell will cost you one of them.

Best Race For Holy Paladin



The Dwarf's Stoneform is a serious asset in PvP, especially against Rogues. Frost Resistance is also great against your nemesis: the Frost Mage.


The Human has serious assets making it potentially better than the Orc depending on the chosen build: Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization, Diplomacy is also great when grinding reputation, and Perception is very useful in PvP.

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