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WoW Classic: Rhok'delar & Lok'delar, Hunter Guide

WoW Classic: Rhok'delar & Lok'delar, Hunter Guide

Rhok'delar and Lok'delar are among the most legendary weapons in World of Warcraft, introduced during WoW Classic. Discover our complete guide dedicated to obtaining the only bow that can serve as a stick, one of the best weapons of Hunter of the game.

WoW Classic: Rhok'delar & Lok'delar, Hunter Guide

Rhok'delar and Lok'delar are among the most mythical weapons of WoW Classic, being among the best for the Hunters, whatever their specialization, but also because they are actually one and the same weapon. Obtaining this bow-staff is rather complex although only requiring you to venture to the Molten Core and defeat Onyxia.

Who can get Rhok'delar and Lok'delar?

Only one class is eligible for Rhok'delar and Lok'delar:


In order to obtain this unique and very powerful bow-staff, the Hunters will have to go to the Molten Core in order to obtain an object launching the following quests, then to travel to the four corners of Azeroth to track four demons before finally being able to obtain their coveted double weapon. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: The Ancient Petrified Leaf

The first step in your short but perilous epic is to obtain the Ancient Petrified Leaf. To do this, you must go to the Molten Core and make your way to Majordomo Executus, the 9th boss of this first WoW Classic raid. After defeating him, you need to have a little luck since his chest has exactly 50% chance to hold one of the following quest items:

  • The Ancient Petrified Leaf, starting the quest of Rhok'delar and Lok'delar for the Hunters,
  • The Eye of the Divinity, starting the quest for Anathema and Benediction for the Priests.

What's more, only one hunter can get the item, making it particularly difficult to obtain as long as your raid is made up a few Hunters.

Once the Ancient Petrified Leaf is in your possession, right click on it, accept the quest The Ancient Leaf and go to the Irontree woods, Felwood.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Step 2.1: Demons & Dragons

In the Irontree Woods, three gigantic alumni of knowledge will appear, and each will give you a different quest. Accept them all:

The Stave of the Ancients
A Proper String
Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina

Your hunt begins here. You have to hunt down 4 very specific demons in 4 different zones, as well as Onyxia. The order in which you kill your targets and perform these quests does not matter.

First of all, here's what you need to know about the four demons you track down:

  • You can only be helped before the start of the fight, never during: clean the path where you plan to kite, buff etc, as long as the demon is not pulled anyone can help you.If you receive any help during the fight or the demon targets another target other than you, it will disappear.
  • You can not use your pet during combat.
  • Paladin's Auras, Shaman Totems, the Blessing of Wisdom, the Warlock's Blood Pact, or any effect over time are considered external aids and make the demons disappear.
  • No one should be grouped with you. It is strongly recommended that anyone in the vicinity be at the extreme limit of the demon's field of vision to avoid any kind of bug. The recommended range is about 50 yards.
  • Bring at least one friend with you to warn all nearby players that you are doing this quest and that they should in no way approach. If you can not bring anyone with you, just do a macro "/Y DO NOT PROCEED IM DOING THE RHOK'DELAR QUEST,
  • "THANK YOU" make sure to thank those around you.
  • All trinkets etc and other effects invoking aid (the Barov Peasant Caller of the Cannonball for example) are to be forgotten for this quest. If the demon targets them, he runs away.
  • If you do not attack the demon for 12 seconds, it disappears. To avoid this, use your Arcane Shot (Rank 1) regularly.
  • No encounter with any of these demons requires real preparation, they are relatively simple to defeat as long as you kite. But hey, prevention is better than cure, keep reading!

Step 2.2: Onyxia

To complete the quest A Proper String, you have to go to the Onyxia Lair. Of course, do not go alone, bring a raid of 39 other players with you! This raid is located south of Dustwallow Marsh.

Once there, make your way to the mistress of the place, and kill her. On her corpse, you have a 40% chance of getting an adult Mature Black Dragon Sinew, the only prerequisite of your quest.

Location of Onyxia - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of Onyxia

Step 2.3: Azuregos (Optional)

Azuregos is the target of your quest Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina. It usually wanders south of Azshara. Just as for Onyxia, bring a raid that forty players to defeat it, it is a World Boss!

On the spot, kill the dragon, and recover the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew off his corpse. This is the only prerequisite of your quest.

Note: It has a respawn time of about 5 days, be on the lookout and track it as soon as possible, with each weekly maintenance ideally.

Location of Azuregos - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of Azuregos

Step 2.4: Artorius the Doombringer

Artorius the Doombringer is a demon with the appearance of a Tauren, naming himself Artorius the Amiable before being engaged in combat, patrolling the North of the Cradle of Winter.


Enrage periodically, greatly increasing the damage it inflicts.
Occasionally inflicts a debuff, turning you into a demon, inflicting 350 Shadow damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute.


Very easily kitable, it runs at normal speed.
Your Serpent Sting deals 350% of its normal damage to this demon, and this effect increases with each application of Serpent Sting.
Make sure to remain close to him as his debuff has a limited range. The enrage effect can be suppressed by the Tranquilizing Shot.


This is a very simple fight. Your goal is to keep the Aspect of the Cheetah active all the time and run towards Longwatch in the South while maintaining Serpent Sting (Rank 9) and Concussive Shot active on Artorius all the time. However, be careful: never be within 30 meters of him to avoid his Demonic Doom, but never more than 35 meters to keep it within range of Arcane Shot and keep his attention or it will disappear.

Location of Artorius - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of Artorius

Step 2.5: Klinfran the Crazed

Klinfran the Crazed is a demon originally having the appearance of a Human, originally named Franklin the Friendly, then a Felguard, once the fight is engaged, and patrolling randomly in one of the three zones, indicated below at Burning Steppes.


  • He enrages periodically, greatly increasing the damage it inflicts.
  • Fast, but slightly less than you under the effect of Cheetah.
  • After each enrage effect, He will remove all debuffs on himself (Serpent Sting, Hunter's Mark etc)


  • While Serpent Sting is active on him, he deals 1 damage with his melee attacks.
  • The enrage effect can be suppressed by the Tranquilizing Shot.
  • Can be kite using the Cheetah.


The strategy is very simple but requires good timings from you. The idea is simple:

Serpent Sting, then run in melee,
Do only automatic attacks to save your mana,
When enraged, launch a Wing Clip(Rank 1) and get out of the melee,
Tranquilizer shot,
Serpent Sting, then go back into melee,
Repeat only melee attacks,
And so on until the death of the demon.

Possible locations - World of Warcraft: Classic
Possible locations

Step 2.6: Simona the Seductress

Simona the Seductress is a demon with the appearance of a Trolless accompanied by a wolf, naming herself Simona the Inconspicuous before being engaged in combat, patrolling the East or South of Un'Goro.


  • Her wolf turns hostile when the fight is engaged.
  • Periodically reduces ranged attack power by 1400 for 45 seconds.
  • Throws long-casting Lightning Bolts inflicting approximately 800 damage.
  • Simona and her wolf can not be kited at the same time.


  • Viper Sting will silence Simona.
  • Her wolf can be trapped in your Freezing Trap.
  • Its Lightning can be interrupted by Scatter Shot.
  • Aspect of the Wild can reduce the damage of its lightning (from 800 to 200 approximately).
    The damage it inflicts in melee is rather weak.


Once again, this is a demon whose strategy is based on your automatic melee attacks. Here is the strategy we propose:

  • Place a Freezing Trap at your feet before engaging in combat,
  • Throw a Concussive Shot on Simona, and let his Fel Tracker run into your trap,
  • Shoot a few shots from a distance until it comes into melee, then launch a Viper Sting just before it reaches you,
  • Limit yourself to melee attacks, possibly some mongoose bites,
  • When the Viper Sting ends, launch a Scatter Shot, and re-apply the Viper Sting,
  • Return to attack in melee,
  • And so on until his death.
Possible locations of Simona the Seductress - World of Warcraft: Classic
Possible locations of Simona the Seductress

Step 2.7: Solenor the Slayer

Solenor the Slayer is a demon with the appearance of a Gnome, bearing the name of Nelson the Nice before being engaged in combat, and patrolling south of Silithus.


  • The most powerful of the four demons you track down, by far.
  • It does not pursue you in a predictable way. It stops frequently to fear you and inflict 800 damage or chase small scarabs.
  • The scarabs he invokes are very slow but inflict very heavy damage and prevent you from using bandages.
  • If you leave melee, beyond 2 to 3 meters, his casts fear you and inflict 800 Shadow damage.
  • Viper Sting is pointless due to his large mana pool.
  • The Serpent Sting has very little effect on him.
  • Inflicts very heavy melee damage (around 200 per attack).


Wing Clip(Rank 3 only) stops him for 30 seconds.
Scarabs are not summoned as long as you stay in melee.
He does not cast his scary spell as long as you stay in melee.
Can be countered by the Warlock's Curse of Recklessness (see strategy for more details).


Required Items: 2 to 5 Greater Shadow Protection Potions

Let's be honest, this is the most technical and difficult fight of the four. However, we strongly advise you to bring a Warlock with you to greatly facilitate the strategy, pay them if necessary, it's worth it!

  • Duel the Warlock,
  • Ask him to inflict only his Curse of Recklessness in order to make you unmoved by Solenor's fate of fear,
  • Start the fight with Solenor the Slayer while staying in a duel with the Warlock,
  • Start with Wing Clip (Rank 3) on Solenor then get out of the melee and attack it from a distance,
  • Ask the Warlock to reapply the Curse of Recklessness so that it never dissipates before the end of the fight,
  • Run around around Solenor so that his beetles never touch you,
  • Reapply Wing Clip (Rank 3) on Solenor each time it clears and then continue the above immediately until death.

Note: Abuse Greater Shadow Protection Potions throughout the entire encounter to greatly mitigate, if not negate, the damage of the fear spell.

locations of Solenor the Slayer - World of Warcraft: Classic
locations of Solenor the Slayer

Step 3: Creation of Rhok'delar and Lok'delar

When you have Arotrius' Head, Klinfran's Head, Simona's Head, and Solenor's Head, return to your quest givers in Felwood in order to obtain the Ancient Rune Etched Stave.

Combine this new item with the Enchanted Black Dragon Sinew to form Rhok'delar, longbow of the Ancient Keepers.

To get Lok'delar, Staff of the Ancient Guardians, just right-click on Rhok'delar to turn your bow into a stick, and vice versa.

Finally, turn in the remain Black Dragon items to get your new epic quiver: Anchient Sinew Wrapped Lamina.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Congratulations to those who manage to obtain this prestigious double weapon, and good luck to those who are trying their luck!

David Hollingsworth

After 14 years of WoW and years of being told it wasn't worth it, here he is, earning a living writing about the game he loves.

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