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WoW Classic: Ragefire Chasm Dungeon Guide

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WoW Classic: Ragefire Chasm Dungeon Guide

Ragefire Chasm is a dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic. Our guide covers every area and aspect of the dungeon, from bosses, to loot, to quests, and even how to enter the instance.

WoW Classic: Ragefire Chasm Dungeon Guide

Ragefire Chasm (RFC) is a Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic which can be accessed from Level 10. The entrance to the instance is in Orgrimmar and is visible from the city. Due to this, it considered a Horde-only instance. However, there is nothing stopping the bravest of Alliance players from going behind enemy lines in search of the dungeon's treasures.

A Brief History Of

Based in the depths of Orgrimmar, Ragefire Chasm is a network of volcanic caverns. The chasms play host to a clan of Troggs who seek to bring about the Horde's downfall if left unchecked.

A sect of Searing Blade Cultists also lay in wait in the chasm's depths. Many believe that the orc Warchief, Thrall, is aware of the Blade's existence and has chosen not to destroy it in the hopes that its members might lead him straight to the Shadow Council.

Are you ready to rid the Horde of this menace?

Dungeon Location

Ragefire Chasm is a Level 10 Dungeon, but you should be at least Level 13 in order to feasibly complete it.

The Dungeon is found under the Horde Capital City Orgrimmar. You won't be hard pressed to find its entrance, which is located in the Cleft of Shadow. Even if it is the first dungeon you'll come across, it offers a fair amount of XP and high-quality loot, making it well worth the visit!

World of Warcraft: Classic

Dungeon Information





Taragaman the Hungerer

Fire Nova


At the centre 'X' of the dungeon



In the large Trogg room, in the right-hand cave

Jergosh the Invoker

Curse of Weakness


Last room of the Dungeon



Sinister Strike

Last room of the Dungeon

World of Warcraft: Classic


Notable Gear

Dropped By

Robe of Evocation

Jergosh the Invoker

Cursed Felblade

Taragaman the Hungerer

Chanting Blade

Jergosh the Invoker

Dungeon Quests


Quest Givers


Testing an Enemy's Strength


Thunder Bluff

Slaying the Beast

Neeru Fireblade

Cleft of Shadow

Searching for the Lost Satchel


Thunder Bluff

The Power to Destroy



Hidden Enemies


Valley of Wisdom

Good luck in your assault on Ragefire Chasm!

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