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Wow Classic: Shadowfang Keep Dungeon Guide

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Wow Classic: Shadowfang Keep Dungeon Guide

Our guide to Shadowfang Keep in Word of Warcraft Classic encompasses everything in the dungeon, from the entrance to the final boss. We'll go over bosses, loot, quests, and how get into Shadowfang Keep

Wow Classic: Shadowfang Keep Dungeon Guide

Shadowfang Keep (SFK) is a Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic which can be accessed from Level 18. The entrance to the instance is in Silverpine Forest and can be seen from the surrounding area. Due to this, it considered a Horde-only instance. However, there is nothing stopping the bravest of Alliance players from going behind enemy lines in search of the dungeon's treasures.

A Brief History Of

Following the losses in the Third War, Archmage Arugal decided to call on extra-dimensional beings to bolster Dalaran's faltering ranks. This was a success, with Arugal bringing the voracious Worgen to Azeroth's shores. The werewolves helped the sorcerers to put an end to the Scourge, before turning against their allies.

The Worgen laid siege to Baron Silverlaine's keep, eventually sending the fortress into shadow and ruin. Arugal, mad with guilt, took the werewolves under his wing and made a home for them at his side in Shadowfang Keep. Arugal still lives in this dungeon, with Fenrus, his faithful Worgen, alongside him. It's also said that the keep is haunted by Baron Silverlaine's vengeful spirit.

Are you prepared to confirm these rumours?

Dungeon Location

Shadowfang Keep is a Level 18 Dungeon, but you should be at least Level 22 in order to feasibly complete it.

The Dungeon is found under the Horde zone of Silverpine Forest, not far from Pyrewood Village.

Location of Shadowfang Keep - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of Shadowfang Keep

Dungeon Information





Razorclaw the Buthcer

Butcher Drain

In the Kitchen

Baron Silverlaine

Veil of Shadow

In the Mess Hall

Commander Springvale

Hammer of Justice

Holy Light

On the Second Floor

Odo the Blindwatcher

Howling Rage

On the first set of ramparts

Deathsworn Captain



On the ramparts

Fenrus the Devourer

Toxic Saliva

In the Library

Wolf Master Nandos

Call Bleak Worg

Call Lupine Horror

Call Slavering Worg

In the penultimate room

Archmage Arugal

Arugal's Curse

Shadow Port


Void Bolt

In the final room

World of Warcraft: Classic


Notable Gear

Dropped By


Shadowfang Ragetooth

Baron's Scepter

Baron Silverlaine

Silverlaine's Family Seal

Baron Silverlaine

Commander's Crest

Commander Springvale

Meteor Shard

Archmage Arugal

Feline Mantle

Wolf Master Nandos

Dungeon Quests


Quest Givers


Arugal Must Die

Dalar Dawnweaver

Silverpine Forest

The Book of Ur

Keeper Bel'dugur


Deathstalkers in Shadowfang

High Executor Hadrec

Silverpine Forest

Best of luck on your werewolf hunts!

Written by Effylia, Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction

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