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WoW Classic: The Stockade Dungeon Guide

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WoW Classic: The Stockade Dungeon Guide

The Stockade is a dungeon in World of Warcraft: Classic. We'll go over everything in the instance, from the first room to the last, covering bosses, loot, quests, and how to enter the dungeon.

WoW Classic: The Stockade Dungeon Guide

The Stockade is a Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic which is accessible from Level 15. The entrance to the instance is in Stormwind, and can be seen from the surrounding city. Due to this, it considered an Alliance-only instance. However, there is nothing stopping the bravest of Horde players from going behind enemy lines in search of the dungeon's treasures. However, this isn't a good idea as Bruegal Ironknuckle, a rare boss, drops the only worthwhile loot in the dungeon.

A Brief History Of

The Stockade is a high security prison which plays host to a swarm of miscreants. The cells are hidden under Stormwind City and under the control of Warden Thelwater. A recent prisoner-led uprising has forced the guards from The Stockade — and the Alliance knows that having criminals running around freely under the city spells bad news for Stormwind.

Only Warden Thelwater was able to escape, and is currently in the process of rounding up brave combatants to kill the head of the operation, Bazil Thredd, and to re-establish order.

Will you be the one to bring peace back to The Stockade?

Dungeon Location

The Stockade is a Level 15 Dungeon, but you should be at least Level 22 in order to feasibly complete it.

The Dungeon is found under the Alliance Capital City of Stormwind. You can find the instance portal next to The Mage Quarter.

Location of The Stockade - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of The Stockade

Dungeon Information





Bruegal Ironknuckle


In the western cells

Targorr the Dread

Dual Wield



In the first cell

Kam Deepfury

Defensive Stance

Improved Blocking

Shield Slam

In one of the northeastern cells



Chain Lightning

In the final eastern room

Dextren Ward

Battle Stance

Intimidating Shout


At the end of the western corridor

Bazil Thredd

Battle Shout

Dual Wield

Smoke Bomb

At the end of the eastern corridor

World of Warcraft: Classic


Notable Gear

Dropped By

Kam's Walking Stick

Kam Deepfury

Iron Knuckles

Bruegal Ironknuckle

Prison Shank

Bruegal Ironknuckle

Defias Renegade Ring

Random Drop

Dungeon Quests


Quest Givers


Quell The Uprising

Warden Thelwater

Stormwind City

What Comes Around...

Guard Berton

Redridge Mountains

The Color of Blood

Nikova Raskol

Stormwind City

Crime and Punishment

Councilman Millstipe


The Stockade Riots

Warden Thelwater

Stormwind City

The Fury Runs Deep

Motley Garmason

The Wetlands

We hope that you'll bring justice to The Stockades!

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Written by Effylia, Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction

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