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WoW Classic: Zul'Farrak Dungeon Guide

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WoW Classic: Zul'Farrak Dungeon Guide

Zul'Farrak is a dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic. Our guide will take you through every room in the instance, covering loot, quests, and bosses, as well as how to enter Zul'Farrak.

WoW Classic: Zul'Farrak Dungeon Guide

Zul'Farrak (ZF) is a Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic which can be accessed from Level 39. The entrance to the instance is in Tanaris.

A Brief History Of

Many adventurers have disappeared beneath the sands of Zul'Farrak in search of the legendary sword Sul'thraze. The resident Sandfury Trolls invoke rituals to raise their dead as zombies, and worrying rumours also mention an ancient evil which slumbers deep at the heart of the city.

Dungeon Location

Zul'Farrak is a Level 39 Dungeon, but you should be at least Level 44 in order to feasibly complete it.

The Dungeon is found in the Contested Zone of Tanaris. The entrance to instance can be found in the northwestern section of the zone.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Dungeon Information






Earthgrab Totem

Healing Ward

Antu'suk's Minion

Healing Wave of Antu'sul

In the very north-east of the Dungeon

Theka the Martyr

Fevered Plague

Theka Transform

West of Antu'sul

Witch Doctor Zum'rah

Healing Wave

Shadow Bolt

Shadow Bolt Volley

Ward of Zum'rah

North of Zul'Farrak

Nekrum Gutchewer

Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz


Psychic Scream


Shadow Bolt

On the stairs in Zul'Farrak

Sergeant Bly


Shield Bash

After the stairs event

Hydromancer Velratha

Healing Wave

Shadow Bolt

Shadow Bolt Volley

Ward of Zum'rah

In the final room

Chief Ukorz Sandscap


Wide Slash


Berserker Stance

In the middle of the Dungeon


Frost Shot



On a patrol in the south-east


Freeze Solid

Gahz'rilla Slam


Spawns once you use the Mallet of Zul'Farrak

World of Warcraft: Classic


To get the Mallet of Zul'Farrak, you need to loot the Sacred Mallet from Qiaga the Keeper at The Altar of Zul in The Hinterlands. Qiaga is well protected, so make sure you group up before taking her on. Once you loot the mallet, climb Jintha'Alor and use the Sacred Mallet. Make sure that your group is at least around Level 46, as the temple is swarming with elite trolls. Once you've reached the summit, use the Sacred Mallet with the altar, which will transform it into the Mallet of Zul'Farrak.

In order to spawn Gahz'rilla, you should sound the gong in front of the aqueduct.

World of Warcraft: Classic


Notable Gear

Dropped By

Zum'rah's Vexing Cane

Witch Doctor Zum'rah

Bad Mojo Mask

Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz

Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt

Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz

Gahz'rilla Scale Armor


Sang'thraze the Deflector


Jang'thraze the Protector

Chief Ukorz Sandscalp

Sul'thraze the Lasher

By combining both swords

Dungeon Quests

Alliance Quests

Quest Givers


Nekrum's Medallion

Thadius Grimshade

Nethergarde Keep

Horde Quests

Quest Givers


The Spider God

Master Gadrin


Neutral Quests

Quest Givers


Troll Temper

Trenton Lighthammer


Scarab Shells



Tiara of the Deep


Dustwallow Marsh

The Prophecy of Mosh'aru


Steamwheedle Port

Divino-matic Rod

Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle



Wizzle Brassbolts

Thousand Needles

Good luck — we hope that Gahz'rilla won't send you to a watery grave!

Written by Effylia, Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction
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