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WoW Classic: Molten Core Raid Guide
  • General Information
  • Lucifron & Magmadar
  • Gehennas & Garr
  • Geddon & Shazzrah
  • Golemagg & Sulfuron
  • Executus
  • Raid Sets, Legendary Weapons, Professions, Quests

The Tenth Boss


Abilities: Wrath of Ragnaros, Magma Blast, Elemental Fire, Lava Shield, Hand of Ragnaros, Melt Weapon, Lava Burst

Location: In a room at the centre of Molten Core (10)

Type: Elemental


Before entering combat, your raid should equip all the fire resistance they have. Tanks should have 305 resist, melee classes should have 200 resist, and the rest of the raid should have a resistance of 150.

The Ragnaros boss fight can be split into two phases: one where the boss can be attacked for 3 minutes, and the other where the elemental lord submerges and summons eight fire elementals that linger for 90 seconds, or until they're killed.

The boss uses several main abilities: Melt Weapon, which randomly reduces melee weapon durability by one each stack, Elemental Fire, which deals 4,800 damage to the tank over 8 seconds, Wrath of Ragnaros, Which activates every 25 seconds, knocking back all melee classes or killing them instantly. It is vital that the melee DPS disengage to avoid this spell.

At certain points during the encounter, Ragnaros will use Hand of Ragnaros, dealing fire damage to a random caster as well as all nearby allies, knocking them back and stunning them for 2 seconds. To avoid this attack as much as possible, your casters should thin out whenever Ragnaros is present. Finally, whenever no one is within close range of the boss, he will use Magma Blast which will whittle away your raid. Be sure to keep your tanks alive and on the boss whenever he appears.

Whenever the boss disappears, he will summon eight Sons of Flames which can be Banished by Warlocks during the fight. In addition, each elemental uses a passive ability called Lava Shield which will drain the mana of nearby players. After 90 seconds, or whenever all the elementals are dead, the boss will reappear and everyone should return to their original positions from phase 1 to re-engage the boss.



Perdition's Blade

Band of Accuria

Onslaught Girdle

Choker of the Fire Lord

Crown of Destruction

Dragon's Blood Cape

Cloak of the Shrouded Mists

Bonereaver's Edge

Eye of Sulfuras

Tier 2 Loot



Stormrage Legguards


Dragonstalker's Legguards


Netherwind Pants


Judgement Legplates


Leggings of Transcendence


Bloodfang Pants


Legplates of Ten Storms


Nemesis Leggings


Legplates of Wrath


Raid Quests


Quest Giver


The Only Prescription

Draconic for Dummies

Molten Core

Thunderaan the Windseeker

Essence of the Firelord

Molten Core

  • General Information
  • Lucifron & Magmadar
  • Gehennas & Garr
  • Geddon & Shazzrah
  • Golemagg & Sulfuron
  • Executus
  • Ragnaros
  • Raid Sets, Legendary Weapons, Professions, Quests

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