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WoW Classic: Stormpike Guard Reputation Guide

WoW Classic: Stormpike Guard Reputation Guide

The Stormpike Guard are a PvP Faction in World of Warcraft Classic. We'll cover the different ways you can increase your reputation with this faction, in addition to the rewards they offer to players.

WoW Classic: Stormpike Guard Reputation Guide

The Stormpike Guard are a faction in World of Warcraft Classic. Players can turn in quests in order to build reputation with this faction. Members of this faction are located to the south of the Ruins of Alterac in the Alterac Mountains.

Reputation in WoW Classic

Exalted: Allows players to access specific interactions (typically buying mounts)

Revered: Allows players to access additional quests and items

Honoured: Allows players to receive a 10% discount from vendors

Friendly: Starting reputation for Allied Factions

Neutral: Starting reputation for Factions

A Brief History Of...

The Stormpike Guard are a faction formed from an expedition of dwarfs hailing from the Stormpike clan. The Guard are currently scanning the Alterac Valley for ancient dwarvern relics and artefacts. These dwarfs are currently at war with the Frostwolf Orcs who inhabit the southernmost section of Alterac Valley. This conflict has spilled out across the zone in the form of a large scale battle for territory between the two factions.

Alterac Mountains - World of Warcraft: Classic
Alterac Mountains

Building Reputation with the Stormpike Guard

In World of Warcraft Classic, there are several different ways to grind reputation points. Here are a few different ways you can build up your reputation with the Stormpike Guard:

Killing Enemies NPCs

  • Kill the Horde Commander, Drek'Thar: 389 Reputation
  • Kill the Horde summon, Lokholar the Ice Lord: 125 Reputation
  • Kill Captain Galvangar: 125 Reputation
  • Kill Horde Commanders: 12 Reputation
  • Kill Horde Air Masters: 5 Reputation
  • Kill Horde Guards: 5 Reputation
  • Kill Horde Players: 1 Reputation

Turn in Repeatable Quest items

  • Frostwolf Commander's Medal, 5 Rep per item
  • Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medal, 2 Rep per item
  • Frostwolf Soldier's Medal, 1 Rep per item
  • Frostwolf Hide, 2 Rep per item
  • Armor Scraps, 1 Rep per item
  • Storm Crystal, 1 Rep per item
  • Alterac Ram, 1 Rep per item

Battleground Rewards

  • Drek'Thar killed: 36 Reputation
  • Captain Balinda Stonehearth kept alive: 125 Reputation
  • Enemy tower destroyed: 24 Reputation
  • Enemy commander killed: 12 Reputation
  • Bunker controlled: 12 Reputation
  • Cemetery controlled: 12 Reputation
  • Mine controlled: 12 Reputation

Complete Quests




The Battle of Alterac

Prospector Stonehewer

200 pts

Hero of the Stormpike

Prospector Stonehewer

10 pts + Weapons

Alterac Valley Graveyards

Sergeant Durgen Stormpike

100 pts

Towers and Bunkers

Sergeant Durgen Stormpike

100 pts

Capture a Mine

Sergeant Durgen Stormpike

100 pts

Deadwood Pathfinder

Alliance Brigadier General

200 pts

The Stormpike Guard also offer additional repeatable quests that vary according to your reputation. Here are the different Insignia for each reputation, as well as the quest and reputation related to each of them.




Stormpike Insignia Rank 1

Proving Grounds


Stormpike Insignia Rank 2

Rise and Be Recognized


Stormpike Insignia Rank 3

Honored Amongst the Guard


Stormpike Insignia Rank 4

Earned Reverence


Stormpike Insignia Rank 5

Legendary Heroes


Stormpike Insignia Rank 6

The Eye of Command


Stormpike Rewards


Superior Healing Draught

Superior Mana Draught

Stormpike Battle Tabard

Alterac Heavy Runecloth Bandage

Bottled Alterac Spring Water


Major Healing Draught

Major Mana Draught

Alterac Manna Biscuit

Stormpike Soldier's Cloak

Stormpike Sage's Cloak

Stormpike Soldier's Pendant

Stormpike Sage's Pendant

Stormpike Cloth Girdle

Stormpike Leather Girdle

Stormpike Mail Girdle

Stormpike Plate Girdle

Ice Threaded Arrow

Ice Threaded Bullet


Stormpike Battle Standard

Electrified Dagger

Crackling Staff

Stormstrike Hammer

Gnoll Skin Bandolier

Harpy Hide Quiver


Stormpike Battle Charger

Lei of the Lifegiver

Therazane's Touch

Tome of Arcane Domination

Tome of Fiery Arcana

Tome of Shadow Force

Tome of the Ice Lord

The Unstoppable Force

The Immovable Object

Don Julio's Band

Don Rodrigo's Band

The Lobotomizer

We hope that this guide will help get closer to the Stormpike Guard!


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