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WoW Classic: Should we expect a PvP esports tournament?

WoW Classic: Should we expect a PvP esports tournament?

What if WoW Classic held an original, official esports tournament hosted by Blizzard? A very recent tweet from the @WoWEsports twitter account seems to hint towards this, all of which coincides with the discovery of a curious "esports" page on the Chinese version of the WoW Classic website.

WoW Classic: Should we expect a PvP esports tournament?

In the early hours of 1st June 2020, the twitter account WoW Esports (the new official point of reference for World of Warcraft esports) released a tweet hinting at the coming arrival of a "cool event", accompanied by an image. In the image, an Orc can be seen inquiring into the name of the event. You can also see the loading screen for Warsong Gulch behind him, making us believe that it may be a PvP event.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Our colleagues at Wowhead also discovered the recent addition of a page dedicated to Esports on the official Chinese site for WoW Classic. On it, you can see the results of Wargames in Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, and Alterac Valleg, as well as the number of flags captured by each faction.

World of Warcraft: Classic

So what does this all mean? We're currently still in the dark, yet we do know that recent addition of the ability to create and spectate Wargames may provide a very enticing future for esports in WoW Classic. This would be a first for Blizzard, given that there weren't even any competitive modes in the original Vanilla version of the game, let alone an esports component.

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