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WoW Classic: Warlock records possible World First solo run of Scholomance

WoW Classic: Warlock records possible World First solo run of Scholomance

A French player was recently able to complete Scholomance, a high-level dungeon in WoW Classic, as a solo player. This may well be a World First for this patch; check out his run below!

WoW Classic: Warlock records possible World First solo run of Scholomance

Not too long ago, Arethusa, a community member and WoW Classic player, got in contact with us to share one of his recent accomplishments: soloing Scholomance! Others may have already achieved this thanks to later expansions adding higher rank spells, but regardless, Arethusa believes that he is first to ever have accomplished this feat before the opening of The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. This can't be verified, but if this is an actual World First, then congratulations are in order!

In addition to this solo run, our protagonist of the day even offers several pieces of advice in the video to encourage other people to give it a go. So, what are you waiting for!

What you need to know

  • Character name: Arethusa
  • Server: Finkle (FR)
  • Class: Warlock
  • Guild: UnKnown
  • Talents: 30/0/21
Arethusa's talent tree used to solo Scholomance - World of Warcraft: Classic
Arethusa's talent tree used to solo Scholomance

In his message, Arethusa informed us that he picked up the Curse of Exhaustion and Improved Curse of Exhaustion talents to help him kite the Rattlegore adds (among others), which was a vital part of being able to complete this instance

  • Total Number of deaths: 6 (4 on magic resistant skeletons, 2 on the Ravenian's adds)
  • Total Time Elapsed: 4 Hours

Finally, the author of the video informed us that he managed to kill all of the bosses first try. He didn't receive a single bit of help from other players and he believes that a three hour run is possible, assuming everything goes according to plan!

Once again, congratulations to Arethusa, whether it's a true World First or not. Pulling off a solo run is never easy, as it not only requires high-level gear, but also a very deep understanding of the instance and your class. And of course, such an achievement speaks volumes about the skill of the player themselves.

Sins of the Father — A Guide to Scholomance

Scholomance is a Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic. Consult our guide to learn everything you need to know about the instance, including how to enter, dungeon quests, loot, and bosses.


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